Confessions of a Secret Snacker: Week 3

Hey Guys,

This picture basically sums up my weekend! I have been sick for the last photo 1week and all I wanted was comfort food, by comfort food I mean carbs! Yes my week consisted with carbs, carbs and more carbs and not the good kind. My carbohydrate intake involved: bread, pizza, chips and of course McDonalds. That’s not even taking into account the amount of chocolate and biscuits I ate. This is far from ideal seeing as I have my graduation coming up in 3 days! Major sad face! So for the next 3 days no junk food is passing these lips. I don’t know why I can eat healthy on a regular day but when I have an event coming up with a specific dress to wear, I eat twice my normal calorie intake. I am slightly dreading putting on my dress to be honest, I think I’m asking a bit much from my tan to pray it makes me look slimmer!

Anyway what I’ve decided to do, seeing as I am still sick, is to make healthy versions of comfort food which I will discuss in a mo. This will hopefully prevent you guys from making the same mistakes that I did all week! I know being sick is not an excuse to eat unhealthily but I just simply could not have cared less all week. I still have no urge to eat fruit and veg therefore have decided to replace the food I have been eating with some of these healthier alternatives until I am better.

Note: I just want to stress that I am fully aware that this is not ‘clean eating’ it just healthier versions of the comfort food I crave when I am sick.

  • Cully & Sully Soup; this stuff is perfect for colds and the flu. It’s warm and comforting but also isn’t full of artificial flavourings and hidden ingredients. The ingredients used are wholesome and simple, the best combination. There are so many different flavours too!
  • Free From Bread & Bagels; I always reach for the bread when I want something comforting to eat so from today on I am opting for the wheat and gluten free options. This at least will take a little bit of the badness away. I personally don’t think the bread tastes as nice as Brennan’s white bread but when I toast it, it tastes pretty good!
  • Vit Hit I know drinking water is always the healthiest option and as I have been coughing a lot, my water intake was pretty high, however I was getting bored with it and so decided that I wanted some flavouring. I’m not really one for fizzy drinks but I found myself drinking coke as I wanted the flavour. So this week I am actually upping my water intake and substituting anything else with a VIT HIT. I love the detox version (also perfect if you have a hangover!) I am usually quite sceptical of vitamin drinks as I don’t think they are that beneficial and can have many hidden ingredients, but this option seems to be the best one I can find at the moment.
  • Stew good old Irish stew; acting as the comforting traditional Irish dinner for generation after generation. Stew can have a lot of carbs; potatoes and dumplings but it can also be done healthily. My wonderful Moma makes a wonderful stew full of vegetables and steak. This will not only heat me up (because  my body temp is currently -100) but it is also a great way of getting veg and protein into me.
  • Lentil Chips & Free’ist biscuits lower saturated fat  and calories in comparison to regular crisps and biscuits. The lentil chips are also gluten free and free from MSGs. The biscuits are sugar free, now it is important to remember that they still aren’t the best thing to be eating in the quest for abs but they will help curb cravings.

I have quite a few things to attend this week with my graduation being one. I’m hoping to keep my will power up and not over do it when I’m hungover. Well we shall see anyway!

Until next week my loves 🙂

Z x

Confessions of a Secret Snacker

Hey Guys,

I’ve decided to try something out; I am going to do a weekly post about my diet and eating habits. I find that for the majority of the week I eat healthy meals however my down fall is my snacking. I don’t confessionofsecretsnackereven realise I am doing it half the time. Before I know it I have eaten 2 squares of chocolate, then another two, then another two and you see where this is going. Doing this is probably worse than just eating the whole bar at once as I am not actually fully satisfying my cravings. In my mind I still haven’t had a bar of chocolate though realistically I have. These habits are actually detrimental to my quest for abs. I really need to cut out the sugar! I am going to evaluate any improvements or any habits that have worsened, once a week. I hope you guys will enjoy 🙂 at the very least you can laugh at my significant lack of willpower!

I intend to do these posts once a week, usually on a Friday as this gives me a decent time to reflect on. I just want to point out that my over all aim is not to become ‘skinny’ I want to eat healthy to be healthy. I don’t believe in starving myself or depriving myself (as you will see from this weekly posts 😉 ) but I do want to look after my body and prevent health issues further down the line. My aim is to be strong and healthy with muscle as opposed to skinny and unhealthy. Since I started eating healthy (ier) and introducing exercise, I have actually put on weight, but I feel I look better and not too thin and frail! I have let this slip over the last year and a half as I have been eating and drinking far too much. So I am hoping by keeping a weekly diary for want of a better word, I will be able to pinpoint my bad habits and resolve them. I have chosen not to do a daily food diary as I don’t want to become obsessive over every little thing that goes into my mouth so once a week is enough for me.

Until tomorrow my loves 🙂

Z x