Movie Reviews: The Martian + Legend

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How are you all today? Happy I hope?

I’m a big fan of the cinema and I love to go as often as possible. Yes ok it’s 90% for the food, but I do love a good movie (with loads of food) My boyfriend and I tend to go to the cinema quite often if we aren’t going out. It’s basically the date of choice sans alcohol. Continue reading

Positive Lifestyle: The Real Things Money Can’t Buy


Money Can’t Buy You Life – Bob Marley


Hello Beautiful People ❤

I know I have been really quiet this week on the blog and on social media. Sadly my wonderful Nanny passed away and so I just spent  time with my family. Due to this I have had a few days to re-evaluate and assess what really is important in life and how easy it is to get swayed by material items. In the grand scheme of things, superficial items just simply just don’t matter. Continue reading

2015: The Last Chapter

Hello Beautiful People ❤

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day? Is anyone else shocked that we are already in September? I know we say it every year, but seriously, where has 2015 gone?! We are in the last chapter and my favourite one at that. It’s our last chance to achieve those goals we set way back when we thought we had 12 months to complete them. The ones we tend to brush under the carpet as we ‘still have so much time left’. Yes those ones. The end date is fast approaching, so it’s time for the final push. Continue reading

Diet & Fitness : Quick & Healthy Breakfast Ideas

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Hello Beautiful People ❤

I hope you’re having a lovely day? As you will know from my weekly Confessions of a Secret Snacker Posts I am back eating healthy – dragged myself back on the wagon after one too many lazy weeks! Today’s post is about my favourite healthy breakfasts that don’t take forever to make. I am a big fan of breakfast (or any meal really if I’m honest!) I am however not a morning person so I definitely need quick and easy recipes where I can get them! Continue reading

Confessions of a Secret Snacker: What a Difference a Week Makes

Hello Beautiful People ❤

How has your week been? I am so tired as I type this, it has been a long week, but a great one at that. Last Sunday when I was writing my Confessions of Secret Snacker post, I was in a completely different place. I was feeling self conscious, lethargic and fragile. Now while the fragility came from one too many double vodkas the night before, the rest was all down to my diet – or lack there of. Continue reading