See the Good


Be the Change you wish to see in the World


Hey Guys,

Today I wanted to share three videos with you that really made me smile. I’m sick today and am admittedly quite a bad patient so the fact these videos managed to make me smile, I figured they have to be good.

There seems to be nothing but negative news at the moment and it’s easy to see why people are losing faith in humanity. There’s no denying that there are plenty of bad things going on in the world, but there are also great things happening everyday.


No matter how big or small, I think it is important to try and focus on the positive things that happen around us everyday. Don’t feel that your acts of kindness are being over shadowed because I can guarantee they make a difference to someone.

And finally, I know it’s everywhere but if anyone else out there needs cheering up like I did, then watch it as many times as you need. The cuteness does not fade!

I hope you all had a great weekend and are enjoying your Sunday evening. It’s the first day of Spring so make sure to kick some ass this week 🙂

Until Next Time My Loves

Z x


Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Hey Guys,

I’ve previously written posts which have touched on the point that I can be a worrier. This tends to be more in my personal life as opposed to within the work environment. I think the anxiety I sometimes suffer can be traced to my over active imagination and the fact I never switch off. I have however been trying to train myself into seeking the good in most situations and to ease that horrible feeling of anxiety and stress that can be easily built up. I’m trying to do this particularly where these feelings are unnecessary.

I’m aware that I am most definitely not the only person who feels like this and so I decided to share some of the top tips I have been given that can boost positivity and reduce anxiety. Now I am not claiming to have mastered any of these tactics but I do think they can have a positive impact and have helped me to date.

1. Realise that people don’t think about you and your life, as much as you think they do.

I have always envied people who don’t care what others think. I do strive for that one day, however I can be quite self conscious. I often spend far too long worrying how others will react to my actions and what they will think of me. I know this can be the case for many of us, but it is a true fact that people are generally more concerned with their own lives!

2. Distract yourself

Grab your laptop, grab a book, grab your runners and/or grab your best friend. Do anything that will distract you. Once a negative thought comes into your head and embeds itself there, it can be very difficult to get rid of. A good friend of mine once told me to say the two times tables. Picking a number like ‘2’ means the multiplication is easy and wont frustrate you but it will keep your brain occupied. Do it as many times as you need until that negative thought has vanished. Prevention is easier than a cure!

3. Think of the short term instead of the long term

I find this tip really helpful. I tend to worry about things that are so far ahead in the future and that may never even happen that I stress out unnecessarily. Instead it is better to focus on what you need to do for the day, for tomorrow, for the week. After that just push it out of your head. This can also be switched and work in reverse, depending on what it is that makes you anxious. The trick to this is to still set your long term goals but to focus on the short term achievements that will get you to your end destination.

4. Shed some light on the topic

A problem shared… Talking about something that is bothering you is an age old piece of advice, but it genuinely works. I personally find that seeing someone else think the issue is not as significant as I initially had, calms me down. I think it can highlight whether or not I’m being irrational and worrying unnecessarily. It’s also comforting to have someone understand what you’re going through. One thing I would stress is be careful who you talk to. Unfortunately not everyone has your best interests at heart. Be able to decipher between those who care and those who are just looking for gossip! Your Mom and best friend should be a safe bet though 🙂

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5. Get more sleep

Being tired can increase feelings of anxiety. Get more sleep! This is a tad ironic coming from me as I am definitely a night owl who doesn’t have the luxury of sleeping in when I want to. I do however find that my worrying goes into overdrive when I am tired. When I have energy I feel much more positive! I think this comes back to being productive when you have more energy. When you have had a productive day, you are less likely to experience feelings of stress and anxiety. Instead these feelings can often be replaced with a sense of accomplishment.

And Finally

I think it is really important to try focus on the good as opposed to the bad. This is easier said than done, trust me I know! I do however always try to remind myself that there are others out there in a much worse situation than I am. It is easy to let things get on top of us, it happens to everyone. The important thing is to not let it stay hanging over you. Life is too short, something I’ve only come to realise over this past year.

I hope this post can help anyone who is suffering with anxiety, if nothing else it’s always nice to know that there are others who experience the same issues and feelings. There are so many ways to overcome these feelings, choose what works best for you!

Until Next Time My Loves

Z x