New Season Favourites: Payday Wishlist

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Hello Beautiful People ❀

I hope your having a Wonderful day?

I’ve been seeing some lovely new styles currently making their way into the shops en ce moment, so I decided to do a ‘Wishlist’ for some of my favourites. As always there’s a mixture of smart and casual and a variance in price range; some great bargains and some more one off pieces. So for anyone else who gets paid today or who is just looking to do a little damage to their finances, here are my top picks. Continue reading

Happiness is: Pay Day!!!

Yes ok it may sound a tad superficial but this weekend happiness isW94da impacted by payday!!! Being a student and working part-time means generally that payday is never too extravagant (although I do shop like it is!) but this month is Summer meaning it’s a little larger than usual. I know the right thing to do is save some for ‘a rainy day’ but right now there are some great sales on plus some lovely new collection pieces in River Island that I have my eye on! I choose to see these purchases as investments and necessities, others may disagree but well that’s up to them πŸ˜›

However a few days later and after some pretty nice purchases, it’s back to living for the end of the month. I have a serious addiction to shopping, not just for myself but presents too. I do wonder how much money I would have if I didn’t spend so much on clothes and beauty products but then I think whats the point being rich and not having nice clothes! At the end of the day though shopping is my guilty pleasure, we all have them so I’m not going to stop any time soon! πŸ˜›