Confessions of a Secret Snacker

Hey Guys,

Last week I was full of good intentions for kick starting my healthy eating regime, however I wasn’t as good as I had intended! Upon evaluation, I think I ate healthily for about 60% of the week. This is realistically not good enough. My main downfall came from food preparation.

Although I was initially motivated, I found myself craving unhealthy food come mid week. This is mainly down to two reasons; the first being that I have become accustomed to unhealthy food over the Christmas season and so now my body is craving fatty food. The second reason is definitely down to unimaginative meals. I really dislike boring food, it leaves me unsatisfied. I tend to pick at chocolate and crisps if the meal I ate was bland. Even if I am full, I will still snack on unhealthy food. That was one of my biggest downfalls last week. As I was tired (my first week back in work) I became unmotivated to plan my meals for I’d say about half the week. I became bored and so reached for the bad stuff. This week I am going to do my best to stay at least one day ahead with my food prep.

Last Night’s Food Prep for Today:


The weekend was by far my biggest downfall. It always is. Despite the fact I didn’t consume even one drop of alcohol, I still managed to eat like I was hungover; i.e. eat crap! Again relating back to the food prep aspect, I was lazy at the weekend and so kept grabbing quick fix snacks which were high in sugar and saturated fat. I also went for dinner and the cinema so I can’t even comprehend how many calories were consumed on both outings. I think it’s best I don’t know! I do however think weekends off are for enjoying, but maybe just not so much in my case. I need to keep my organisational levels up and this will hopefully reduce my unhealthy eating habits.

Sums me up:

 A positive aspect from last week was that I did in fact work out so I’m hoping that it may have saved me slightly. I know the saying that you can never out train a bad diet, but I do believe a workout helps you feel better. I’m not a huge fan of the weighing scales and choose to go by how my jeans fit and how I look sans clothing. So I think my workouts did in fact rescue me this week. This however will not provide room for progress, it will simply aid in maintaining my current physique (which is not what I am aiming for!) thus proving I need to get my ass into gear with my diet.
 Although my carb intake is still a little higher than I would like, I did manage to avoid white bread and pasta, which is a small victory that I’m claiming from last week. Sweet potato is also my go to healthy carb when I’m feeling hungry, it is nutritious, filling and tasty! Perfect! This week I need to up the vegetable and fruit intake though as replacement for so much carbs. Again I feel it’s important to reiterate that I am working towards a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Not a strict, depressing diet!

I’m hoping next week’s evaluation is more successful. I am already keeping note of today’s eating antics! In the mean time I hope you all have a happy & healthy week 🙂

Until Next Time My Loves

Z x