Confessions of a Secret Snacker

Hey Guys,

I’ve actually been dreading doing this post primarily due to the fact that I didn’t just over eat over the festive period. I went to town. I had planned to give myself a two week pass to over indulge and enjoy myself over Christmas, however I think I may have gone a little over board. I am definitely feeling the affects now, but I’m not even a little bit sorry. I had a great Christmas and I don’t regret a thing!

As I am back to work as of yesterday, I have decided to get back into healthy eating. I was initially considering doing  a detox however I know I wouldn’t stick to it. Between trying to get my sleep pattern back into shape and also working and commuting, I know I will be lacking in energy and craving junk food. Like many others who work in an office, I hit a slump mid afternoon and so I need to ensure I have enough food to keep me satisfied.

I am going to ease myself back into this healthy eating craic and slowly reintroduce my exercise plan, which I completely neglected over the past few weeks. For me personally I think this works best as I know if I completely cut out everything, I will cave and end up binging which of course defeats the purpose!

I am NOT cutting out carbs and coffee, which I see many people doing. This is for two reasons; firstly if I don’t have carbs I will be hungry as I have built up a larger appetite now over Christmas, in which I had enough white carbohydrates to last an average person about six months! I need to slowly decrease my appetite and allow my stomach to shrink back down. Secondly I am not cutting out coffee because, well mainly due to the fact I will hurt someone if I don’t get my caffeine fix.

I am instead switching to complex carbs and focusing on wholemeal, organic and gluten free pasta and bread as a replacement for the pizza, chips and white bread & pasta that I was indulging in. I am however cutting out fizzy drinks and alcohol as it is unnecessary sugar and toxins. My liver needs a break for a few weeks too.

As with any healthy eating commencement, I do hope to avoid the usual bold (but so yummy) foods such as chocolate, crisps, cakes, takeaways and so on. I have a feeling that I will be having some withdrawal symptoms over the next two weeks. My body will more than likely go into shock due to lack of sugar and alcohol, so pray for me!

I will get back to doing this post now once a week and will keep you guys updated on my progress.

Until Next Time My Loves 

Z x

NYE Outfit

Hey Guys,

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and Day. Wherever you were and with whomever you spent it with, I hope you celebrated in style. I’ve decided to do my first post of 2015 based on what I wore to ring in the New Year.

I usually opt for silver jewellery and perhaps a bit of bling for New Year’s Eve however this year I was a bit stuck for time so opted for a little change. Instead I stuck with muted colours with gold and bronze accessories. All the items I wore were quite reasonable and I will definitely get more wear out of them individually.




Black Wrap Bodysuit €14.99

Olive Green Skirt €33.00 River Island

Black Heels €21.00 Penneys / Primark

Gold Knot Necklace €8.00 also Penneys / Primark

Everything was purchased recently so should still be available if anyone is interested, so happy shopping ladies 🙂

Until Next Time My Loves

Z x

A Stylish New Year’s Eve

Hey Guys,

As New Year’s Eve is just around the corner (I can’t believe how quick the last few days have gone!) I have compiled some outfit ideas for the occasion. NYE is the perfect opportunity to incorporate some sparkle and go all out. I personally think no matter where you are on the night, you can never be too over dressed. So take this opportunity and run with it!

NYE Outfit Ideas


Skirt €30.00 River Island, Crop Top €14.99 & Necklace €6.00 both Newlook, Strappy Heels €32.49 & Faux Fur Clutch €25.99 both Missguided


Sequined Trousers €38.00 H&M, Black Cami €33.00 River Island, Black PU Sleave Jacket €39.99 & Shoulder Bag €14.99 both H&M, Shoes as before


Pencil Dress €47.00 & Silver Bangle €13.00 both River Island, Black Heels €19.49, Beaded Clutch €29.99 H&M

€31.75 Miss Selfridge

€51.00 Topshop

Image 1 of Chi Chi London Full Skater Prom Dress With Laser Cutwork Detail

€85.72 Chi Chi London at ASOS

€63.50 Miss Selfridge

 Sequin Blazer €30.00, Pretty Little Thing 

There are of plenty of options available in stores at the moment, so at least you can hopefully avoid any added stress of finding an outfit. Even though you may not want to wear a sequin piece until this time again next year, a good blazer or dress that has some sparkle will always come in handy over the festive period!

Happy Shopping My Loves

Z x


“You can wear black at any time. You can wear it at any age. You may wear it for almost any occasion.” —  Christian Dior

Hey Guys,

The LBD has long been a style staple for every girl. This is particularly true in the run up to the festive season. With numerous parties to attend, it can sometimes feel like you are running out of looks and outfits. The classic black dress is always an option that will save you any stress. It is and always will be a classic, stylish look.

There are so many different styles, shapes and looks that a black dress can create. There literally is not one woman who cannot wear a black dress and change it to her own personal style. I have chosen the Top 10 Black Dresses currently available and perfect for the party season, I have gone for a range of different styles in the hope that everyone finds something they like.

Top 10 LBDs

€25.99 Missguided

€31.75 Miss Selfridge


€57.15 Topshop


€17.99 Newlook

hmprod (1)

€12.99 H&M

€135.00 River Island

€35.99 Bershka

€60.00 River Island

Image 1 of Pull&Bear Ribbed Mini Dress

€32.84 Pull & Bear

Investing in a black dress is always a smart choice in my opinion, if it is good quality you can literally have it for years. Perfect excuse to go shopping ladies!

Until next time My Loves 

Z x

5 Ways to Brighten your Day

Hey Guys,

The usual Monday blues seem to have escalated for this particular week. Everywhere I looked today people were complaining about lack of sleep, not wanting to go to work etc via social media. To be fair I was right there with them. I think as the festive season is now in full swing, so too are the alcoholic beverages and late nights. This usually results in a not so funday Monday. So I decided to draw up a small list of things that you can do to brighten up the rest of your week (hopefully!)

Eat Chocolate

Studies have shown that  who isn’t happy when they are eating chocolate? No explanation needed.

Listen to Music

Music has long been an excellent mood enhancer. Grab your earphones and play an upbeat tune that makes you want to shake that bum! Avoid sad, love songs as, well this isn’t going to help brighten anyone’s day, in fact it is likely to do the opposite. No opt instead for a song that will put a smile on your face whilst singing a long. My tune for today is Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars.

 Make a List

It has been proven that if you write yourself a list for the day, your mood will get a boost. You feel proactive and organised as you have set yourself clear goals for the day. These may be as small as picking something up in the shop or getting petrol. It doesn’t matter. When you get to tick off each ‘to do’ you will also get a sense of satisfaction. Get writing and ticking.

Be Kind

Being nice is a choice, I have long said this. Being kind towards someone will not only make them feel good, it gives you an added boost too. A kind gesture can be as large or small as you choose. It is not something that requires measurement. Think of how good you will feel once you have made someone else happy.

 Resist the Urge to Complain

This is completely ironic coming from me. I am a grade one complainer, particularly when I am tired or hungover (both of which I am today!) however I read before that the idea is to trick yourself into thinking you are not in bad humour. Acting positively and avoiding negative thoughts will help to persuade your brain to feel happy. It sounds really cheesy I know, but I have been trying it so far today and well I haven’t slapped anyone, so in my mind it is working remarkably well.

So go fourth and become a Positive Polly tomorrow. Spend your day being nice, dancing your ass off and eating loads of chocolate!

Until next time My Loves

Z x