5 Everyday Things to Cut Out to Reduce Anxiety & Stress

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Today’s post includes a few tips I’ve picked up when it comes to dealing with anxiety.

I’m a firm believer that small actions lead to big things. What we do in our everyday lives, has a significant impact on our long term mentality. Slowly but surely we are shaping our mindset and we may not even realise it. I personally believe that cutting down on the following points has helped me become more productive, positive and has stopped me worrying quite so much. Continue reading

Reduce Anxiety & Panic Attacks: 10 Tips to Help You Cope

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How is your week going so far?

I know I try to keep my blog as positive as possible, however today’s post is about dealing with anxiety and panic attacks. It isn’t negative though, it’s just an issue that I and many others suffer with and so I wanted to share my tips for dealing with these feelings. It is kind of positive I suppose? Continue reading