Winter Skincare Routine – My Top 5 Products


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My Everyday Makeup Essentials


Hey Guys,
Today’s post is all about the makeup I use on an everyday basis. I don’t like to look too overdone when I am going to work and to be honest I just can’t bring myself to get up any earlier in the mornings. I prefer to look noticeably more glam for nights out as opposed to looking too over done in work. I generally spend 20 minutes getting ready in the mornings before work. I prefer to spend longer for night’s out but that is another post coming up!


I love Nivea, I find it so gentle on my skin and it is excellent for the cold weather. I pop this on about 5 minutes before I start my makeup!

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The every day primer I use is the Catrice Prime and Fine. I only need a small bit and generally put it on my cheeks as this where my makeup previously used to come off throughout the day.

FullSizeRender (3)FullSizeRender (17)


I am using Rimmel’s Wake Me Up foundation in Soft Beige for Monday to Friday. I apply one layer of that and then I tend to put a very light layer of MAC Studio Fix over the top. I find this gives a nice finish without being too heavy on my skin.

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I have been using Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer in 010 Ivory. I haven’t been using it all that long so I’m still testing the water on this one. The reason I decided to go for this option is because it has added highlighter, which saves time in the mornings. I always go for a lighter shade when it comes to my concealer as it helps hide my dark circles!

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Contour / Highlight & Blusher

The Sleek contour Palette is by far my favourite product at the moment. The three in one is just so handy and means I am not rooting for other products (I’m not very organised in the mornings, anything that can save time is key!) I also think the colours are excellent, I use the shade 373 Light.

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I do also use the No7 highlighter (which I’m always raving about!) on the top of my cheekbones and on my brow bone. Highlighting is one of the best makeup tools available and I usually just add those quick little dabs after I have finished my makeup.

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Catrice Matte Plus Powder is great for setting foundation. I tend to only apply it under my eyes and a small bit over my forehead. I use 030 Warm Beige. Working in an office can dry out your skin so I find too much powder will end up making skin looking dull and in some cases highlight dry patches. Not what us ladies want!

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I’m a huge Urban Decay fan when it comes to eye makeup. I don’t generally do much with my eyes Monday- Friday as I said lack of time being the main reason. I do however use the Naked 3 ‘Limit’ shadow along the crease of my eye as it adds some definition. Sometimes if I have more time I will use ‘Limit’ on my lid and add ‘Nooner’ or ‘Liar’ along the crease.

FullSizeRender (20)FullSizeRender (21)

Eye Liner

I swear by white eyeliner at the moment. It really brightens up my eyes and makes me look more awake. I’m loving the Natural Collection’s offering and it’s only roughly €2.00 ladies!

FullSizeRender (7)

If I’m using a gel liner, I opt for the Essence Liquid Ink as I find the brush is really good.

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At the moment I am using the No7 Lash Impact mascara. I find it is lengthening my lashes without being too clumpy. I hate clumpy mascara that sticks your lashes together. It drives me mad!

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As I’ve said before I love the Sleek eyebrow kit. I love that is has a mixture of wax and powder so that you can achieve a natural look. The angled brush is also a life saver.

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Lip Liner

I own about a million different lip liners. I buy new ones to go with new lipsticks 😛 At the moment I’m using the Natural Collection in the colour Almond

FullSizeRender (8)


I’m a big lover of lipstick. I love trying new brands but one of my all time favourites is Clinique for everyday wear. The quality is amazing and ensures your lips feel moisturised throughout the day. At the moment I’m using the Sweet Honey colour.

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Quick pic before work this morning using the above products:


I never retouch my makeup throughout the day (I’m just too lazy) so I like to ensure it is applied correctly in the mornings. It has to last 11 hours after all. The products listed above are all generally great value so I don’t have to worry about using them everyday. I will be doing a post on my Night Out and Occasion Makeup preferences or as I like to call it my ‘weekend makeup’ soon so stay tuned 🙂

I hope you enjoyed guys ❤

Until Next Time My Loves

Z x


Protect Your Skin Against Winter

Hey Guys,

At the moment the weather here in Ireland is starting to get colder and I have a feeling January is going to be a seriously cold month! This Winter weather can be quite tough on your skin. From the brisk, frosty weather to the harsh wind, our skin really does have to withstand a lot throughout this time. That’s not even including the heating that we are now constantly facing; whether it’s at home, in the office or even in shopping centres and restaurants. Our skin is literally going from one extreme to another. So in order to prevent your skin from getting dried out and over sensitive from the above factors I’ve compiled a list of the best methods to protect your skin throughout the colder months.

Change to Gentle Products: Skin can be more sensitive throughout the colder months and so strong products that are usually fine, can end up irritating it. I have sensitive skin anyway so I look for gentle products all the time. I think swapping a regular toner for a softer alternative can make a huge difference when skin is under added pressure. Instead of using toner, I have now introduced Rosewater and Witch-hazel and I love it. It’s really gentle and doesn’t leave skin feeling raw. The witch hazel also helps prevent breakouts on the skin, which of course is a huge plus! It is available in Boots at the pharmacy counter and it is approx. €4.00.


Rethink your Moisturizer: I know that people often say that too much moisture can cause spots and breakouts. While this can be the case, skin requires higher levels of moisture during colder periods. In order to prevent any breakouts, think about changing your moisturizer as opposed to over moisturising. One that works well in Spring and Summer may not be sufficient for the harsher Winter months. If your moisturizer is not giving you nivea1what you need, you may find your skin getting dryer. This often leads to people over moisturizing which then causes the breakouts. Instead switch to a stronger oil based option. Always look for ‘non-clogging’ alternatives to avoid pores being well obviously being clogged. Night creams are generally a good option as they create a protective layer around your skin.

Nivea is always one of my favourites as it is so soft and gentle. There are a number of different Nivea moisturizers and night creams IMG_0318available. Have a look at what is the most suitable for your own particular skin type. These products can be picked up in the majority of retailers such as Boots, Debenhams and Tesco, Dunnes etc. Prices vary between €5.00 and €10.00 and it always lasts ages! I also use the Nivea Cleansing Milk as it soothes skin whilst removing the makeup. It costs €6.99 in the majority of retailers too.


Avoid hot water on the face: This is true for all year around but particularly relevant for Winter. I am guilty of letting the warm eater hit my face in the shower but I am trying to avoid it now. Warm water dries out your skin and this combined with the false heat also drying it out, will strip essential oils will from your skin. It is also recommended that you apply moisturizer on face and body within two minutes of your shower and it is the most effective time to lock in the moisture.

Add in Oils & Milk: This one is more so for your body as opposed to your face but who doesn’t want soft,Product Image For Grapeseed Massage Base Oil supple skin all year round?! Add in some Olive or Grape seed oil to your shower  as it will help re-hydrate skin. Check out health food stores for these oils, Holland & Barrett stock them for €4.49. Alternatively  pop into your fridge and grab some whole milk to add to your shower. It will have the same effect and leave your skin feeling super soft.

As always the products and methods listed above won’t break the bank. They are all quite reasonable and can be done on a budget as we are not all millionaires who can splash out on expensive beauty products and procedures.

Until Next Time My Loves

Z x

No7 Skincare

Hey Guys,

Today’s post is based around some new skincare products I’ve been using lately. I’ve noticed such a difference in my skin since I started and I am extremely impressed with the results. I am a big fan of Nivea and I tend to stick with this brand as I know the ingredients used are pretty simple yet effective. While I still use Nivea as my primary brand for cleanser and moisturizer, I also have a new found love for No7.

I have started to introduce a serum and eye cream into my skincare regime. I previously thought that these products weren’t necessary for young skin and were only used to improve wrinkles and the like. I did however discover that there are many different forms of these products and they’re actually crucial in preventing signs of aging. As I’m 23 now, I want to prevent any further skin issues down the line, so I was eager to try this out for myself.

Serum is great for adding radiance to your skin and ensuring that you are left with a dewy complection. A good serum will include essential nutrients and amino acids which are excellent for restoring moisture and nourishment to your skin. Excess moisture can be associated with acne as it helps spread the bacteria from each spot, however serum when applied in the correct amount can actually hinder this process. A pea size amount is enough for your face and I apply it once a day if I am wearing makeup. I personally put it on first thing in the morning, prior to anything else touching my face. I apply the moisturisor second as this helps lock in the goodness of the serum. Wait 2-3 minutes and then it’s time for the makeup ritual to commence.

My favourite serum at the moment is No7 ‘Blemish Defence Serum’ from their Beautiful Skin range. I find it’s not too greasy and prevents my skin from getting too dry when foundation is applied. It is also great value at €21.00 from Boots. I don’t apply it on my T-Zone though as I don’t require any extra moisture in this area, this will obviously vary depending on your skin type.

The eye cream I have started using is also No7 and I have noticed an improvement in the appearance of the dark circles around my eyes. I don’t tend to get much sleep on an average night as I’m always up far too late and up far too early the next morning. I have been looking for something to boost my tired eyes and this seems to be doing the trick. There are options for younger or more mature skin, I opt for the younger as it’s properties are more suited to my skin requirements. Again this eye cream is not expensive at €21.00 also.

I am shocking for leaving my makeup on after a night out and this tends to undo my good skincare regime from the rest of the week. I have started using makeup wipes after a night out as they are much quicker than using cleanser (which realistically is just not going to happen when I’ve had one too many) I find it quite hard to get makeup wipes that don’t sting my face after a few uses. Nivea sensitive and the N07 wipes are actually extremely gentle on my skin. It beats waking up with a face full of smudged makeup any day! I usually opt for Nivea out of habit however I recently purchased the No7 ones as there was a ‘3 for 2’ on all skincare items. They didn’t irritate my skin what so ever, needless to say I was impressed! Plus Boots also give out vouchers which enable you to avail of a €7.00 discount off these products on a regular basis. Thus meaning each of the No7 products outlined above actually come for a reasonable price. They also last as well so are definitely worth an investment in my opinion.

I am always on the look out for skincare products that aren’t too labour intensive and that won’t leave a hole in your pocket. I do however believe that good products are worth paying for, especially when it comes to your skin. The No7 range is the perfect medium of not too expensive combined with high quality products. I certainly am happy with my recent purchases.

Hope you enjoyed!

Z x

Sensitive Skincare: Nivea Trial

In the past few years, I have become significantly more weary about what I put on my skin. I use to swear by makeup wipes for easy removal of my makeup, however as I have gotten older (not that much older!) I have become more aware of the importance of looking after my skin.

My skin is not overly sensitive but I do find certain products can be harsh on it so I always try to opt for products that contain as little ingredients as possible. It is only recently though that I have realized that some brands are not as kind to skin as I had previously thought. Take for example the ‘Simple’ range, I have used their products religiously for the past 2 years and always thought the cleanser was the most gentle option for my skin. I was told recently that this brand may not actually be as ‘simple’ as they claim to be so I have decided to change it up a bit to see if my skin will benefit. I think I will always be a ‘simple’ girl at heart as their products always leave my skin feeling soft, but whats the harm in trying something new?!

I have recentlphoto (19)y started using the Nivea 3 in 1 Micellar Cleansing Water now I usually avoid products that claim to be in ‘2in1’ or ‘3in1’ as I feel they generally have too many chemicals which just irritate my skin. I decided to try this one though mainly because of the fact it is water based. I also trust Nivea as a good quality brand and find their products are never too harsh on my skin.

This product can be bought in Tesco and in Boots, now it’s not the cheapest option available; between €4-€5 for 200ml. If it works though, then in my opinion its worth it. I have noticed however thatphoto (20) I have used nearly half the bottle in a week and I haven’t worn makeup everyday. This does indicate that this product will need to be repurchased quite frequently which could end up being quite expensive.

I have only been using the product for a week now but so far so good. I don’t expect to see a notable difference for at least another week, but I shall keep you guys posted.