A Little Inspiration can go a Long Way….

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Do you ever just find that sometimes you need a little inspiration?

I think the whole world is a little shook up this week. Regardless of mixed opinions, there’s no denying we all felt something about the tragedies occurring over the last few days. Due to this, I decided to put together a few inspirational quotes for anyone looking for some motivation today.

Sometimes we all need a little boost in the positivity levels. The options I have chosen below, are the ones I feel will resonate with most. Continue reading

Movie Reviews: The Martian + Legend

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How are you all today? Happy I hope?

I’m a big fan of the cinema and I love to go as often as possible. Yes ok it’s 90% for the food, but I do love a good movie (with loads of food) My boyfriend and I tend to go to the cinema quite often if we aren’t going out. It’s basically the date of choice sans alcohol. Continue reading

Positive Lifestyle – Stop Making Excuses

Hello Beautiful People ❤

How are we all today? Fabulous I hope. I feel I should explain the origins of this post before I get into the swing of things. Whilst out shopping last week, I told my Mam she is a bad influence when it comes to me spending so much money on clothes. Her reply is the reasoning behind today’s post:

“You worry too much, you need to live your life and stop over thinking it”

She was right – the ‘Irish Mammy’ always seems to be right to be fair. Continue reading