A Little Inspiration can go a Long Way….

Lifestyle, Photography, Inspiration, Motivation, Irish Blogger, PositivityHello Beautiful People,

Do you ever just find that sometimes you need a little inspiration?

I think the whole world is a little shook up this week. Regardless of mixed opinions, there’s no denying we all felt something about the tragedies occurring over the last few days. Due to this, I decided to put together a few inspirational quotes for anyone looking for some motivation today.

Sometimes we all need a little boost in the positivity levels. The options I have chosen below, are the ones I feel will resonate with most. Continue reading

5 Everyday Things to Cut Out to Reduce Anxiety & Stress

Inspiration, Motivation, Anxiety, Stress, Photography, Irish BloggerHey Guys,

Today’s post includes a few tips I’ve picked up when it comes to dealing with anxiety.

I’m a firm believer that small actions lead to big things. What we do in our everyday lives, has a significant impact on our long term mentality. Slowly but surely we are shaping our mindset and we may not even realise it. I personally believe that cutting down on the following points has helped me become more productive, positive and has stopped me worrying quite so much. Continue reading

Life – You Get What You Put In

Hello Beautiful People ❤

Today’s post is a little different…

Have you ever had something unexpected resonate with you? Something you didn’t realise could throw you off quite so much. I’m not trying to be cryptic here, I honestly am not a fan of those type of posts. I’m really not all that aloof! It’s just the nitty gritty is actually not that relevant. Continue reading

Perspective – A Life Half Lived

A life lived in fear, is a life half lived 

I never really thought about this quote until recently if I’m honest. In light of this week’s events, it has been playing on my mind. The reason I feel it has so much resonance today, is because it highlights that we must make the most of our life. We need to stop worrying about things that won’t matter this time next year. Continue reading