Add Some Goodness to your Short Stack

Hey Guys,

Happy Pancake Day! I hope you’re all planning on tucking in to some delicious options whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner (or all three in my case!) I Love pancakes so this is my favourite kind of Tuesday 🙂

There are numerous different carb free and protein pancake recipes out there and I do in general love them. For today though I think it’s ok to partake in a little pancake indulgence. At the end of the day, it’s all about balance. Continue reading

Altering Santa’s Snacking

Hey Guys,

I was out shopping the other day when I came across something I thought was pretty interesting. It is something different and as you know, I always appreciate a unique twist on the norm. It is due to this that I’ve become intrigued by Keelings’ latest offering. The company have opted to go against the norm and encourage parents and kids to embrace a healthier Christmas. This is being done through their new Santa Snacks campaign. The main idea is to get children to see the importance of consuming healthy snacks and that even Santa needs something a little healthier from time to time.


This is not something I would usually be drawn to however I was recently reading an article which stated that up to 1.8 million adults are at risk of losing 9 years off their lives due to obesity. That is a scary thought. So much can be achieved in 9 years and for someone to lose that opportunity is frightening. Obesity may have plateaued in recent years but it is clearly still a big issue.

I personally think teaching your child to live a healthy lifestyle from a young age is crucial. Little gestures like the Santa Snacks are perfect for communicating to children that there are healthy alternatives out there and that it is important to eat healthy. I am not saying that any child should be put on a diet, I don’t think children should be subject to society’s pressure to have the ‘perfect’ body. I do however think that obesity in many cases is a result of what people have grown up with. If your not taught from a young age that eating well for your body is important, then how will you know?

That is why I love the idea that Keelings are effectively taking this issue head on and making healthy eating fun by incorporating the excitement of Christmas. I also admire that they’re selling these products at a reasonable price. We are all well aware of the sometimes extortionist prices associated with Christmas products. This is thankfully not the case here. I seen the pots being sold at €1.50 which to be fair is not too dear.

The fruit brand have also introduced a new fruit platter for Christmas too, again this is at a reasonable price. Healthy food, particularly novelty healthy food tends to be dearer in general. I think this can be quite frustrating as many companies are often enforcing that healthier lifestyles need to be embraced, but making it expensive and in some cases just not feasible. I’m really impressed that a reputable company such as Keelings is in fact embracing their corporate identity and helping others become a part of it too without feeling the hole in their pockets.

As a marketing graduate, I think it is exciting to see such a unique campaign being introduced over the normal over indulgent season. Keelings are gaining interest from children over the festive season which will hopefully continue into the new year. I’m not for one minute saying people shouldn’t eat what ever they want over Christmas, I know I certainly will. But I just think it’s a great opportunity to keep the healthy lifestyle in their heads so that it is not completely lost behind the abundance of food and sweets. At the end of the day, health is an important issue both mentally and physically and the obesity levels are proof of this. Let’s hope little changes like the ones Keelings are offering actually start to impact this!

I think I will be grabbing a few fruit pots for when I’m on the go!

Hope you enjoyed Guys & Gals

Z x