The 10 Commandments of Style

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Hello Beautiful People ❤

While I am an avid fashion lover, I have had my not so stylish moments, more than I care to mention actually. We all have those dodgy, less than fabulous teenage years, for me namely the late 90s and early 00s. While the 90s has made a comeback, I think it’s safe to say it’s much more stylish this time around. For me anyway! I was that kid who didn’t embrace any of that effortless, retro style, instead opting for the multi coloured fur, neon mesh and of course leopard print in abundance. The latter still making an appearance in my wardrobe from time to time.

Once a leopard print lover, always a leopard print lover… Continue reading

16 Things I’d Tell My 16 Year Old Self

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Hello Beautiful People ❤

I hope you had a nice weekend? It goes by too fast doesn’t it?

I’ve been thinking recently of how much my life has changed over the last few years. How much I’ve changed really. While we are supposed to be foolish when we are young, there are a few things I wish I could go back and tell my 16 year old self. It’s amazing how much one’s perspective can change and what you can learn in just a few years. Continue reading

Guidelines for Starting Fresh & Losing the Holiday Weight

Hello Beautiful People ❤

Happy Sunday to you all! Sunday’s are bitter sweet in my mind; one hand a lazy Sunday can be a great way to unwind and on the other it is the gateway to Monday.

As you may know, I was on my holibops a week ago. I would love to say while  I was away I ate plenty of fresh fruit and drank water in abundance, I did not. I ate everything around me and probably drank more. When I am away, I try to stop worrying about healthy eating and fitness regimes. In hindsight it is a tad ironic given that it is when I am most likely to be wearing bikinis and the such. However I go on holidays to enjoy myself and that is exactly what I did – maybe a bit too much. Continue reading

Travel & Beauty – Holiday Haircare & Skincare Tips

Hello Beautiful People ❤

I hope your day has been full of coffee, smiles and yummy food!

Today I am just doing a quick run through of what I used to protect both my hair and skin during my holiday. The sun and the heat, whilst a lovely novelty for most of us, can have quite damaging affects on our hair and skin.

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