A Bit About Me

Hey Guys,

Happy Friday the 13th (cue the dramatic undertones) I know it’s supposed to be unlucky but it’s Friday so I’m focusing on that aspect. For today’s post, I’ve done a little ‘get to know me’ feature. I’ve been blogging for almost 8 months now and I felt that I should give a little insight into who I am and what makes me tick.

IMG_0958 (1)

Favourite Colour: Black I can’t really say black can I? I’ll go for Blue. I love cobalt blue, it looks great with a tan!

Biggest Fear: Losing someone I love. I’ve always had an irrational fear of losing the people that mean the most to me. I was one of those nightmare kids who panics over everything! Sharks and flying are a close joint second!

My Most Irrational Fear: Cows. Yes I know it’s an odd thing to be afraid of, hence me acknowledging that it is an irrational fear. They freak me out with their staring and mooing.

My Pet Hate: People looking down on others and being disrespectful. I just don’t think anyone has the right to portray that kind of behaviour, no matter who they are.

I also cannot tolerate cruelty, whether it’s towards people or animals. It is not so much a ‘pet hate’ but actually something that really bothers me.

My Favourite Animal: My dog Belle is my favourite little person in the world. She has such a funny little personality. Aside from Dogs, elephants are my favourite ‘wild’ animal. They are so gentle and wise.


My Education: I have an honours degree in Marketing. I graduated in 2014 and although it was stressful, I loved what I was studying and have some amazing memories from the four years I studied. It is true what they say you can make some life long friends in college.

Marketing Ball

Marketing Ball

After our last final year exam

After our last final year exam

Three Things I believe cannot be bought:

  1. Style
  2. Manners
  3. Kindness

My Favourite Singer: I’m a huge music fan and I like a wide variety of different artists from Pink Flyod to Eminem to Beyonce, but Emeli Sande is the probably the voice that I could listen to all day. Her album ‘Our Version of Events’ is timeless.

My Most Annoying Habit: Being late! I wouldn’t mind I am never late to work, I am however always late to meet my friends and my boyfriend. One of my best friend’s pet hates is when people are late, it’s a wonder she hasn’t killed me. My poor boyfriend is used to it.

My Star Sign: Pisces, I’m a water baby. I was always swimming as a child and find it so therapeutic. Not sure where they got some of the characteristics below, but ‘has the last word’ is me for sure! 😛

The Only Movie to Make Me Cry: There have only ever been two movies that have made me cry; The Lion King and I am Sam. I’m not really a crier when it comes to movies and I don’t like soppy films at all, but these two got me!

Favourite Actress: I’d say Sandra Bullock. I just feel like we would get a long if we met. Realistically it would just be me hugging her while she tries to get away, but l’d like to think we would get along 😉

Favourite Actor: This is a predictable one but it has to be Robert Downey Jr. I just love everything about him. I’m also a huge Johnny Depp fan. I love him for all his weirdness.

The Best Advice I’ve Ever Received: Persistence is key. My parents always told me that if I commit to something I must be persistent as that is the only way I will succeed. They have their moments.

Eating Habits: I could pretty much out eat anyone I’ve ever met, if I allow myself to, I love all types of food and am never full!

My Favourite Hobbies: Aside from eating, I love to shop and travel. I am fashion obsessed and I am a danger to my bank account when I enter a store!


I also love to travel, particularly city breaks. I love experiencing different cultures and believe it makes you a more rounded person over all. I am fortunate enough to have seen some amazing cities such as Prague, Edinburgh Amsterdam, New York, Bratislava and I plan to see many more.

Prague 2014

Prague 2014

Random Fact: I really dislike Valentine’s Day, I think it has become all about money and about popularity. I’ve never had a bad Valentine’s Day but I’m just not a fan. Love should be shown all year round and not confined to one day.

My Family: I am an only child. I am extremely lucky however that I have a very close family and so was never a ‘lonely’ child. I consider my first cousins my siblings and I honestly would be lost without my amazing family.

Beliefs: I don’t believe in luck. I do believe in faith (I think) but when it comes to luck, I think we make our own.

What I’m worst at: I hate saying goodbye to people, if it is only for a few weeks, it makes me really sad. I really can’t deal with long term good byes 😦

My Life: My Family, Close Friends and my Boyfriend are amazing people and I am truly lucky that they make up my life. It’s the little things they do that make me love them all the more.



I need to take more pictures of the people I love as the above doesn’t reflect even nearly everyone!

So that’s a little insight into my life, I was unsure whether to do this post initially but I personally like to know about the author of blogs I read. I hope you enjoyed and are making plans for a wonderful weekend!

Until Next Time My Loves

Z x








The Best of Boho

Whether or not you’re hitting the festivals this Summer, Boho / Hippie Chic is on the top of everyone’s wish list at the moment. With celebs such as Vanessa Hudgens and the Jenners embracing this style; its popularity is increasing fast. In order to successfully achieve this style, jewellery and accessories are key! So here are some of the best bits (in my opinion!) on the high street at the moment, all of which can be purchased on a budget.

Forever 21


Caged Sandals €28.90, Bib necklace €10.90, Straw Fedora €12.90 Headband €3.80

River Island

 Head band €20.00 Body chain €13.00 Backpack €40.00 Boots €50.00



Crotchet kimono €29.99, Necklace €14.99, Hair garland €6.99, Beaded Aztec bag €24.99



hmprodbrown beltbrownbootshmprod (1)

 Necklace €12.99, Belt €14.99, Boots €29.99, Aztec scarf €14.99


Festival Fashion: Embracing your Inner Hippie

So festival season is officially up and running, with a lot of great events taking place this summer. Festival style is one of my favorite things to plan, I love the opportunity to release my inner hippie! For me festival style is all about casual, colourful clothing that is actually comfortable as well, no heels (for once) Personally, my fashion inspiration for this particular style is Vanessa Hudgens. Anyone who knows me will know how much I love this girl’s style! She always looks super chilled out, yet extremely stylish. She is all about the acid wash denim shorts, crop tops and of course the mandatory festival headbands. v-main709aecfa936fe7a459527c3e1cdd2aac

Another firm favourite of mine for festival style is Kylie Jenner. Now to be honest some of her looks can be a tad too extreme for me to pull off but she is great for getting festival inspiration! It doesn’t hurt that she has an amazing body and is well completely gorgeous! Her funky style is slightly darker than Vanessa Hudgens who is more cute hippie as opposed to grunge rocker chick. They both however have been on the top of my list when it comes to sourcing festival clothes.


Primark / Penneys is great for festival style. The pieces are alsoPicMonkey Collage on the inexpensive side meaning if you get them wrecked you don’t have the guilt of throwing them out after the festival. Anyone who has been to a festival in Ireland can relate to this! Outdoor festivals + Irish weather = clothing which cannot be salvaged! This collage sums up some of the great finds from Primark’s Life is a Festival collection. (Photo credit: rosafashionsportsandmore.blogspot.com) Newlook and Stradivarius are also great for relatively inexpensive accessories for festivals. Flower headbands, crotchet cardigans, slogan tanktops and aztec print backpacks can be found throughout both of these retailers as well as cheap and cheerful statement jewellery.

Whilst shopping, think crochet, tie dye, kimonos and of course denim! Waistcoats and kimonos are great for festivals as they are light enough to throw into your bag or wrap around you. The same goes for backpacks or the infamous ‘bumbag’ yes these bad boys used to be the item of clothing you were forced to wear as a child, now they are everywhere and so handy too. Adding a hat (preferably fedora or a trilby) with round glasses will instantly add to your festival style!

Festival style is all about comfort and relaxation whilst pushing the fashion boundaries. All types of styles can be found at festivals and its great that we can go beyond our comfort zones and wear unique and imaginative clothing. I personally love adding face paint and/or some jewels to my makeup in order to reflect the inner hippie escaping at the site of the festival gates. Just one thing to remember and this is something found in abundance at Irish festivals; make sure your shorts are the correct size. Ill fitting clothing is not of benefit to anyone; the wearer or the onlookers!!

Happy Shopping

🙂 x