Fashion & Lifestyle Blog – 1 year old today

Hello Beautiful People ❤

Bon Weekend!

I hope you are having a lovely morning? I am going on holidays today so am in a very good mood as you can imagine. I just wanted to do a quick little post to mark by Blog’s 1st Birthday. I can’t believe how quickly that year has passed and how much has changed since my very first post!

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Positive Lifestyle – Stop Making Excuses

Hello Beautiful People ❤

How are we all today? Fabulous I hope. I feel I should explain the origins of this post before I get into the swing of things. Whilst out shopping last week, I told my Mam she is a bad influence when it comes to me spending so much money on clothes. Her reply is the reasoning behind today’s post:

“You worry too much, you need to live your life and stop over thinking it”

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Confessions of a Secret Snacker : Mondays are for Fresh Starts

Monday, positivity, fresh start, diet, slimming, balance

Hello Beautiful People ❤

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend? I had initially planned a quiet weekend but that wasn’t the case. I had new Invisalign put in this week too and have been struggling ever since. They have been quite painful this time around and so I was started last week eating whatever food I wanted. I’m such an emotional eater and I always turn to comfort food when I’m not feeling well! Then I basically got a grip and snapped out of my pity party and was doing pretty well until I went out on Saturday.

Why is that once alcohol is involved, my healthy eating just disappears?

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10 Things you Should do Everyday

Hello Beautiful People ❤

I hope you’re all having a lovely day? As you will know from my previous posts, I like to try focus on the good when it comes to writing for my little blog. That’s not to say we don’t all have down days, I’ve often posted pieces that talk about dealing with anxiety and low self esteem. Lets be honest the majority deal with these kind of issues, unfortunately sometimes more than we would like. So… to continue on my path of positivity, I’ve compiled a list of 10 Things We Should Do Everyday Continue reading

These are a few of my Favourite Things

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re all having a great weekend! Sorry I haven’t been posting as much this week, I’ve been really sick and I’ve  just been sleeping after work. I am thankfully on the mend and the sun is shinning here so I’m in an absolutely great form 🙂 so I decided to do a piece on  few of my favourite things this week.

Favourite Thing No. 1 ; Music

There’s enormous hype over the 50 Shades of Grey Movie hitting our screens this week. What has caught my attention the most however is the soundtrack. Slowed down, sexy, sultry towns of Beyoncé’s Crazy in Love is replaying in my head over and over. I’m loving Sofia Karlberg’s version, her voice is amazing!

Favourite Thing No. 2 ; Food

Yes food will always make my list of favourite things, lets be honest. I find when I’m sick I look for comfort food. This week I have been loving scones and muffins (all in moderation) from Keogh’s on Trinity Street, Dublin 2. They are handmade and come in a range of different flavours; my favourite being the pear and vanilla! If you are in the city centre be sure to check them out.

Favourite Thing No. 3 Body Lotion & Hand Cream

The Royal Jelly Collection from Boots is my new favourite body lotion and hand cream. It’s so soft and creamy and it smells absolutely amazing. I love putting it on after a shower. The hand cream is also great for keeping your hands soft and smelling divine. Both are really reasonable (can’t remember off hand but approx. €4.00 – €5.00) so are a guilt free indulgence.


Favourite Thing No. 4 ; Alexa Chung

I’ve been reading Alexa Chung’s book ‘IT’ and I’ve been really enjoying it. I really love her unique style. She always manages to perfectly combine sophisticated, lady like style with a hippie chick look. I always admire someone who breaks away from the fashion ‘norm’ and even more so when they do it successfully. I think her looks are ideal for some Spring, Summer style inspiration!

Favourite Thing No. 5; Lazy Days Off

As I said I was sick this week but as work has been so busy lately, I couldn’t justify taking a day off. Since Monday I have been counting down the days (more so than usual) until I could stay in my PJs, stay makeup free and basically wallow in my sickness! I usually never take a proper day off, even at weekends I generally have quite a lot to do. This weekend however I think my body just needed to slow down. I can get quite irritated when I am sitting still for too long as I like to be busy, but I have to say this chilled weekend has done me the world of good. A lot of chocolate was consumed however to replace the alcohol.


So that’s my week summed up by my favourite things. I hope you enjoyed and are all having a lovely Sunday, doing whatever it is that makes you happy 🙂

A Sunday well spent, leads to a week of content

Until Next Time My Loves

Z x