Paleo Recipe: Raspberry & Coconut Muffins

Hello Beautiful People ❤

I hope you’re all having a great day, happy Hump Day and all that. Last week for me was pretty hectic, I got very little healthy baking done. This week however, things have slowed down slightly so I made this Paleo recipe last night; Raspberry & Coconut muffins. Continue reading

Paleo Recipe: Banana & Blueberry Bread

Hello Beautiful People ❤

I hope you are enjoying your day? I have been on a bit of a baking buzz this week. I love making healthy versions of my favourite (not so healthy) foods. It makes it so much easier to stay on track when you actually like what you are eating. This recipe comes from the Little Green Spoon, I love her recipes and find that they are pretty simple & easy to make. It is Gluten free and Paleo too 🙂

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Confessions of a Secret Snacker

Hey Guys,

I’ve actually been dreading doing this post primarily due to the fact that I didn’t just over eat over the festive period. I went to town. I had planned to give myself a two week pass to over indulge and enjoy myself over Christmas, however I think I may have gone a little over board. I am definitely feeling the affects now, but I’m not even a little bit sorry. I had a great Christmas and I don’t regret a thing!

As I am back to work as of yesterday, I have decided to get back into healthy eating. I was initially considering doing  a detox however I know I wouldn’t stick to it. Between trying to get my sleep pattern back into shape and also working and commuting, I know I will be lacking in energy and craving junk food. Like many others who work in an office, I hit a slump mid afternoon and so I need to ensure I have enough food to keep me satisfied.

I am going to ease myself back into this healthy eating craic and slowly reintroduce my exercise plan, which I completely neglected over the past few weeks. For me personally I think this works best as I know if I completely cut out everything, I will cave and end up binging which of course defeats the purpose!

I am NOT cutting out carbs and coffee, which I see many people doing. This is for two reasons; firstly if I don’t have carbs I will be hungry as I have built up a larger appetite now over Christmas, in which I had enough white carbohydrates to last an average person about six months! I need to slowly decrease my appetite and allow my stomach to shrink back down. Secondly I am not cutting out coffee because, well mainly due to the fact I will hurt someone if I don’t get my caffeine fix.

I am instead switching to complex carbs and focusing on wholemeal, organic and gluten free pasta and bread as a replacement for the pizza, chips and white bread & pasta that I was indulging in. I am however cutting out fizzy drinks and alcohol as it is unnecessary sugar and toxins. My liver needs a break for a few weeks too.

As with any healthy eating commencement, I do hope to avoid the usual bold (but so yummy) foods such as chocolate, crisps, cakes, takeaways and so on. I have a feeling that I will be having some withdrawal symptoms over the next two weeks. My body will more than likely go into shock due to lack of sugar and alcohol, so pray for me!

I will get back to doing this post now once a week and will keep you guys updated on my progress.

Until Next Time My Loves 

Z x

Winter Warmer Recipe #3

Hey Guys,

I am continuing on with my Winter Warmer category in the quest for healthy yet yummy food. The next recipe I have is for Pizza. This is really easy and quick to make, perfect if you are impatient when you’re hungry. Anyone who knows me will understand my lack of tolerance for being hungry. I am always much nicer when I have been fed! I’m also a big lover of pizza, so this is a nice healthy alternative. The carb level is quite low for this meal, but I would suggest maybe adding sweet potato or something else to ensure you are not left hungry, because then you will either be miserable due to hunger or snacking due to hunger. Neither of which is a good option!

What you Need:

2 Turkey Sausages

1 wholemeal, gluten free wrap

Dolmio Light pasta sauce


1/4 of red, yellow and/or green pepper

1 slice low fat cheese (any cheese of your choice)

4 spinach leaves

Handful of jalapenos

photo 1 (16)photo 1 (17)

What you do:

Grill the turkey sausages (I use the George Forman)

Chop up all the vegetables

Grate the cheese

Grill the vegetables along with the turkey sausages for the last 2-3 minutes of grilling

Spread 2 tbsp of the sauce over the wrap (add more if you wish)

Place your torn spinach leaves on the wrap

Chop your turkey sausages to go with your vegetables

Scatter 1/2 the grated cheese over the pizza

Add the vegetables and the sausages onto the base

Scatter the rest of the cheese

Cook for approx 7 minutes (depending on your oven, keep an eye on it!)

Et Voila

photo 2 (14)photo (85)


Hope you enjoy 🙂

Z x

Healthy Homemade Quiche

Hey Guys,

As I’ve said before, I love unhealthy food and am constantly looking for ways to make healthy alternatives. I think a lot of time people think they are eating healthy and are oblivious to the hidden saturated fat and high salt and sugar levels, contained in a lot of ‘healthy’ foods. Quiche is a prime example of this. I always see people opting for quiche and salad and saying they are on a diet. Yes the salad is healthy but nine times out of ten the quiche is loaded with cheese and pastry, effectively upping the fat levels. I personally do like quiche but I never choose it in a cafe or a restaurant, simply because if I’m going to eat something that fattening I want it to be a burger!

Here is an example of what a regular bacon and cheese quiche contains:

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1 Serving (90 g)

Calories 299

Calories from Fat 186

Total Fat 20.732%

Carbohydrates 20.77%

Dietary Fiber 0.94%

Protein 6.3g

As you can see there are high levels of saturated fat and calories from fat included in the quiche, so it really isn’t as healthy an option as you may think. One of my friends recently gave me a recipe for a healthier alternative for quiche. When I tried it I loved it and decided I would share it with you guys, so I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

What you need:

5 eggs


1/2 cup pre-cooked bacon / ham

1 gluten free, wholemeal wrap

1 small slice of cheese (whatever your preference)

What you do:

Mix together 2 eggs and 3 egg whites in a bowl

Place the wrap into a baking tin

Cover the base with the bacon / ham

Add in  3/4 of the egg mixture

Layer a handful of spinach leaves over the mixture

Add in the last bit of the egg mixture

Grate the small slice of cheese and place on the top

Cook for approx 30 minutes / until the egg mixture is solid

photo 2 (13)

photo 1 (15)

So Simple, Quick & Easy!

Hope you Enjoy 🙂

Z x