Boohoo S/S15 Press Day

Hello Beautiful People ❤

I hope you’re all having a great Thursday. It is technically Friday for me cue the not so subtle victory dance. It’s been a hectic few days so I am only getting to do my post on Boohoo’s media day now! The event was held in The Morisson Hotel on Tuesday the 31st. The hotel itself is lovely and the room for the event was done to perfection.


The Spring / Summer collection for 2015 looks set to be amazing. Plenty of different styles from relaxed boho options to more tailored dresses, trousers and blazers that are perfect for events. I’ve picked out some of my favourites from the day. Continue reading

Dublin Fashion Festival

Hey Guys & Gals,

I have recently been asked to participate in the Dublin Fashion Festival.
Now this is obviously not as a model (lol) but as a blogger. Something I a
m very excited about. So for any of you who are unsure of what this festi
val is, here’s a quick glimpse into what it is all about.

Dublin Fashion Festival takes place annually, running from Thursday the 4th until Sunday the 7th of September. The DFF is proudly preparing for its fifth consecutive year with the launch event going down a great success on the 5th of August. This festival is not only full of style inspiration with great fun and shopping inspiration to be found, it also highlights Dublin’s progression into a city with serious style cred. Dublin has long contained fashion lovers who portray their own style and throughout the past decade the city has become increasingly more prominent on the European style radar. The DFF highlights this and communicates it to others not just around Ireland but around Europe also. The events which take place throughout the Dublin Fashion Festival showcase the amazing fashion to be found in Dublin. From designer flagship stores such as Brown Thomas to high-street giants Penneys. The festival even reveals new, upcoming designers to watch out for and some classic vintage finds. There is something for everyone to take inspiration from regardless of their budget or preference.

Unlike other cities which host an exclusive ‘Fashion Week’ where only top celebrities are welcome, Dublin Fashion Festival also represents a sense of community. This is something often not found in other larger, fashion forward locations. The festival highlights that although Dublin has a promising future into rivalling cities such as London and Paris in terms of style, it is still a place where locals are encouraged to participate and get involved. This is something that is important in Irish culture and it is great to see it is maintained throughout such a popular event.

Angela Scanlon, the Irish born stylist, producer and writer is the face ofAngela Scanlon the festival and will also play host for the fashion show event on the 5th of
September. Scanlon who knows the Dublin fashion scene inside out, is the perfect choice to represent the celebration of the city’s fashion. This further reinforces that the DFF is about bringing the people of Dublin together to celebrate a shared passion for fashion.

I will keep you guys updated as the event goes on. There will be plenty of pics to share with you all too 🙂


The Best of Boho

Whether or not you’re hitting the festivals this Summer, Boho / Hippie Chic is on the top of everyone’s wish list at the moment. With celebs such as Vanessa Hudgens and the Jenners embracing this style; its popularity is increasing fast. In order to successfully achieve this style, jewellery and accessories are key! So here are some of the best bits (in my opinion!) on the high street at the moment, all of which can be purchased on a budget.

Forever 21


Caged Sandals €28.90, Bib necklace €10.90, Straw Fedora €12.90 Headband €3.80

River Island

 Head band €20.00 Body chain €13.00 Backpack €40.00 Boots €50.00



Crotchet kimono €29.99, Necklace €14.99, Hair garland €6.99, Beaded Aztec bag €24.99



hmprodbrown beltbrownbootshmprod (1)

 Necklace €12.99, Belt €14.99, Boots €29.99, Aztec scarf €14.99


Festival Fashion: Embracing your Inner Hippie

So festival season is officially up and running, with a lot of great events taking place this summer. Festival style is one of my favorite things to plan, I love the opportunity to release my inner hippie! For me festival style is all about casual, colourful clothing that is actually comfortable as well, no heels (for once) Personally, my fashion inspiration for this particular style is Vanessa Hudgens. Anyone who knows me will know how much I love this girl’s style! She always looks super chilled out, yet extremely stylish. She is all about the acid wash denim shorts, crop tops and of course the mandatory festival headbands. v-main709aecfa936fe7a459527c3e1cdd2aac

Another firm favourite of mine for festival style is Kylie Jenner. Now to be honest some of her looks can be a tad too extreme for me to pull off but she is great for getting festival inspiration! It doesn’t hurt that she has an amazing body and is well completely gorgeous! Her funky style is slightly darker than Vanessa Hudgens who is more cute hippie as opposed to grunge rocker chick. They both however have been on the top of my list when it comes to sourcing festival clothes.


Primark / Penneys is great for festival style. The pieces are alsoPicMonkey Collage on the inexpensive side meaning if you get them wrecked you don’t have the guilt of throwing them out after the festival. Anyone who has been to a festival in Ireland can relate to this! Outdoor festivals + Irish weather = clothing which cannot be salvaged! This collage sums up some of the great finds from Primark’s Life is a Festival collection. (Photo credit: Newlook and Stradivarius are also great for relatively inexpensive accessories for festivals. Flower headbands, crotchet cardigans, slogan tanktops and aztec print backpacks can be found throughout both of these retailers as well as cheap and cheerful statement jewellery.

Whilst shopping, think crochet, tie dye, kimonos and of course denim! Waistcoats and kimonos are great for festivals as they are light enough to throw into your bag or wrap around you. The same goes for backpacks or the infamous ‘bumbag’ yes these bad boys used to be the item of clothing you were forced to wear as a child, now they are everywhere and so handy too. Adding a hat (preferably fedora or a trilby) with round glasses will instantly add to your festival style!

Festival style is all about comfort and relaxation whilst pushing the fashion boundaries. All types of styles can be found at festivals and its great that we can go beyond our comfort zones and wear unique and imaginative clothing. I personally love adding face paint and/or some jewels to my makeup in order to reflect the inner hippie escaping at the site of the festival gates. Just one thing to remember and this is something found in abundance at Irish festivals; make sure your shorts are the correct size. Ill fitting clothing is not of benefit to anyone; the wearer or the onlookers!!

Happy Shopping

🙂 x