2 Minute – Healthy Dessert Recipe

Hello Beautiful People ❤

I hope you have all recovered from the bank holiday weekend? I know I’m still getting back to normal. The long weekend was a bit of a wash for me when it came to healthy eating. I spent the three days over indulging, but to be fair that’s what these weekends are for. I always find that after a few days like this, I tend to crave naughty food (even more so than usual) for about a week afterwards. For me, it’s the first few minutes of the craving that can do the most damage. If I don’t have anything to hand quickly, I tend to give in to whatever it is that I’m craving (usually chocolate!)

So in the midst of some sugar withdrawals the other day, I made this little clean dessert style snack. It really did the trick and took me two minutes to make. Perfect to stop that craving in it’s tracks!

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