Perspective – A Life Half Lived

A life lived in fear, is a life half lived 

I never really thought about this quote until recently if I’m honest. In light of this week’s events, it has been playing on my mind. The reason I feel it has so much resonance today, is because it highlights that we must make the most of our life. We need to stop worrying about things that won’t matter this time next year. Continue reading

Get that Job

Hello Beautiful People ❤

 As a recent (ish) graduate I understand the pressures and often the struggles of finding a new job. There are thousands of applicants looking for jobs everyday, so it can be tough and disheartening when it comes to your job search. Soooooo I’ve decided to do a post on a few tips and tricks I have come across when it comes to interviews and starting a new job. I am by no means an expert these are just things I have learned along the way and that I felt have helped me in securing my job roles.

Remember everyone starts somewhere!

Nobody starts with their ideal job, everybody starts at the bottom. Unless you win the lotto, it is very unlikely that you will be running the show when you first start. I’m not saying be everyone’s dogsbody, but don’t go in with the attitude that certain work is beneath you, even if it is. It’s called paying your dues and you may be surprised at how much you learn when you’re not expecting to.

Keep Going with the Job Search

It is frustrating I know, trust me! There are so many applicants out there but you will find something provided you keep looking. It is recommended that if you aren’t having any luck with your search, that you should diversify your search a bit more. This can help come across roles that are different but still applicable to you. Don’t focus too much on a certain set of ‘key words’ have a look at what’s out there.

Manners go a long way

This goes for the interview and the job and just throughout life in general. I personally think there’s a lot to be said for good manners. I think it showcases a good character and let’s be honest it doesn’t hurt to say please and thank you whilst being curtious to those around you. By those, I don’t just mean those who are in charge, there’s a lot to be said for people who are kind and polite for those who aren’t in a position to help you. Who knows anyway, in the future they may be able to help you so why destroy that chance with rudeness. Also being rude is just unnecessary and can really hurt someone’s feelings. Don’t be that person.

Get to know your colleagues

This is essential for when your starting out. Making friends in a new work place may not always be easy but it is crucial. They are the ones who will help look out for you and teach you tips and tricks of the day to day. Things that aren’t taught in your induction. It is great to get to know people from other departments for networking purposes too. You may not be in your ideal role as of now, but who knows what may become available in the future.

At the end of the day isn’t it nicer to work somewhere that you have friends? Having a bit of friendly ‘banter’ in work will make the days go quicker.

Ask Questions!

Nobody minds helping the new person out, they understand that you don’t know much in your first couple of weeks. People do however mind when someone who has been in the role a significant amount of time, is still doing things wrong. Don’t be shy, just ask if you don’t know something.

Give it time

Absolutely nobody likes to be the ‘Newbie’ but it’s unavoidable, especially for graduates looking for a job. It is daunting and there is often that feeling of wanting to just quit, but wait it out. Once you start becoming more familiar with people, processes and just your new surroundings, you will have a different perspective. If you decide after some time that it is still not for you, well then at least you know you have done the adult thing and tried.

 Market Yourself

My Mam once told me a story about a girl who she had previously interviewed who was embarrassed about her previous role as a supervisor in a fast food chain. She couldn’t see how it would benefit her role in a global financial institution. It ended up that the experience and training she received actually put her ahead of other candidates.

Show the interviewer how what you have learned in your previous roles can be applied to the vacancy you’ve applied for. This can be done through your cover letter and also throughout the interview process. Don’t feel that you have nothing to offer, always market yourself!

Give it time//

There’s no quick fix to getting your ideal job. It is all about hard work and persistence. I hope this post is of use to any of you out there looking for a job or starting in a new role. It’s not easy but as they say, nothing worth having is! ❤

Until Next Time My Loves

Z x

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You’re Beautiful

Hey Guys,

The purpose of this post came out of pure coincidence, however I felt it was necessary. Last night I was googling ‘how to make yourself fall asleep’ because my brain just does not turn off as of late. When I got to the ‘yourself’ part of my sentence, the list of suggestions that came up, were slightly disturbing;

  1. How to make yourself look completely different
  2. How to make yourself look like another person
  3. How to make yourself beautiful

Is this really what people are googling?! Don’t get me wrong I am a lover of makeup and fake tan etc but I don’t want to look completely different? I think there is a large difference between making the best out of your assets and wanting to completely change yourself.

I exercise yes to look good, but also to feel good. I’m not doing it for anyone else. The same can be said for makeup. I love experimenting with products and trying out different looks, but I don’t think I could imagine changing myself completely and that is coming from someone who isn’t that confident with self image! Yes there are certain things I would like to alter, but who doesn’t have that feeling? It is however a worrying trend that more and more girls are going to extremes to effectively become some one else.

There has always been pressure on both men and women to adhere to society’s version of ‘beautiful’ but I thought we had come a bit further in terms of what beauty can be defined as. I thought uniqueness was now being embraced and slowly but surely it was becoming more acceptable to be (and look like) yourself.

We all know the phrase: ‘don’t try to look like the girl in the magazine, because she doesn’t even look like that’ and it has a point! I don’t judge anyone who opts for plastic surgery or other methods of altering their appearance, provided it’s for nobody else but themselves! Unfortunately I think many girls dream of looking like the girl on the front cover. I’m guilty of this too, but I think my cynical side can kick in where I realise they don’t really look like that. This tends to make me feel better about my bad hair day!

Jessica Alba Before & After Photoshop 2

(I personally don’t think either look bad in the before pictures!)

I don’t know however if celebrities and models can claim sole responsibility for us ladies feeling insecure and in some cases inadequate. I personally think the majority now know the effects of photo-shop and we see pictures of celebs with no makeup now online quite often. I think the issue arises within a much smaller circle. At the end of the day, people can be mean. Hurtful words seem to consistently be a form of communication in the day to day. In some cases it may not be intended to be as damaging as it realistically is, however this doesn’t undo the effects. You can’t take back an insult that has genuinely hurt someone.There’s a lot to be said for Thumper’s wise words. Don’t be the reason someone types in the above search criteria. Be the one who makes some one feel better about their insecurities. Be kind, always.

At the end of the day, we all want the perfect body, the perfect hair, the perfect clothes. But who gets to decide what is perfect? Everyone’s perception of beauty is different. That’s what makes it beautiful 🙂 Confidence and a genuine smile is the most attractive thing a person can have. It’s a pity we are so hard on ourselves that we sometimes lose the things that make us seem so beautiful to others!

Until Next Time My Loves

Z x

It’s Not Just Puppy Love

Hey Guys,

As you will know from my previous posts I am an avid animal lover. This combined with the fact that I am a dog owner, I’ve decided to base this post around the big issue of dogs at Christmas. Unfortunately there are many problems associated with puppies being bought as Christmas presents and also with older dogs not being cared for efficiently over the festive period.

First off I would like to kick off with the issue of the weather. There’s no denying how cold it is in the run up to Christmas. I completely understand that some people don’t like their dogs being inside (my dog personally has run of the house!) but look each to their own. However when the weather is in the minus degrees and it is literally freezing, dogs should not be left outside. The coldness can put pressure on their organs and it’s just in general cruel to allow your pet to suffer. No fur coat can protect an animal when the temperature drops so low during the night.

I also can’t believe that it also still needs to be said, but unfortunately it does. A puppy is not a novelty gift. It is a new member in your family and if you cannot see that then do not ‘buy’ one for Christmas with the fake promise of a loving home. I know many people may not intend this to be the case but it is an issue that is increasing. Last year on the 5th of January, the DSPCA received 55 phone calls from people who wanted to ‘return’ or ‘surrender’ the dogs they had gotten for Christmas. That is a 110% increase on the previous year. That is less than two weeks after receiving the dog. This is simply not fair on a puppy as they need to get used to their surroundings, not be passed from place to place.

If you are unsure about a dog ask yourself some questions about what your plans are for the future. Can you dedicate time to your pet? They do need to be walked but they also need love and affection, throughout their entire life not just when they are small and fluffy. Your love for your pet should not decline the older they get, it should increase! Dogs are also not the cheapest to own. In my mind they are worth every penny, but you need to consider whether you can afford to or are willing to spend money on your pet. Between food, vaccines and the vet fees, there is a budget that needs to be allocated to ensure sufficient care for your dog. It is cruel to leave them without any of the above.

At the end of the day, a dog is an amazing gift at any time of the year. If it is only considered for Christmas then perhaps you need to re-evaluate. Looking after your dog, is like looking after a child. If you can’t do this then do not get one. It really is as simple as that. If however you make an informed decision and get a dog and fall in love with it, then welcome to the club! It is great 🙂

Just some food for thought guys!

Until next time My Loves

Z x

Ps. Just because I’m one of those dog owners who loves to show people pictures of my baby / dog, here’s some pics of my wonderful, troublesome ‘puppy’


SeaWorld Animal Welfare

I read an article today about a SeaWorld worker who claimed he was ‘hurt’ by the allegations that they don’t care for the animals and inflict cruelty on them. My initial reaction was one of insincere sarcasm where I thought to myself ‘what about how hurt the poor animals are?!’ I decided to read the article out of curiosity as I generally don’t see much of a rebuttle from individual SeaWorld employees. After reading the article in which the employee claims he has dedicated his life to working with these animals and insists he would never do anything to harm said creatures, one part of me started to think; can we tar all employees with the same brush? Is the trouble more involved at top line level as opposed to front line? Now this is not to say that there is any justification for what happens behind the scenes at SeaWorld, it is completely unacceptable for the poor treatment of any animal. It just got me wondering if my perception of SeaWorld workers is in fact reasonable.

One fact I will not budge on however is the proof PETA has found on the premises. These to me do not sound like allegations or claims, they have proof. This means that it is acceptable to believe that the animals are treated poorly. Having read the side of the employee who stated how much he cared, I couldn’t help but wonder if you knew the facilities and treatment (in general) was so bad, why would you remain in their employment? Yes I know the point can be argued that a job is a job, but for someone who claims to love these animals, why would you remain in a place that does not care for them in the correct manner? Is money that important that some people are willing to be a part of this organisation instead of helping the organisations fighting for the animal’s welfare?

I don’t know why I’m even asking that question to be honest, it’s a sad fact that money is the main driver behind many people’s actions and life choices. This is often regardless of who is hurt by these decisions. Animals are often seen as insignificant and therefore it doesn’t matter what happens to them. I can’t even comprehend why this is anyone’s mindset.

PETA have undergone numerous battles with SeaWorld over the poor treatment of ‘their’ animals. I say ‘their’ as it has been stated some of the Orca whales have been effectively poached and stolen from their natural habitat, forced to live in an environment which insists they learn unnatural routines and results in them being left in tanks that are far too small for comfort. PETA have found sunburn on some of the animals there as they cannot escape the sun. Their tanks are too shallow. This goes against their natural instincts to avoid the sun in the shadows of the ocean. This is only the tip of the ice-burg realistically. Wounds and marks have been found on the animals being used in SeaWorld. Proof of what they go through in order to be taught these ‘tricks’ and ‘shows’ I just can’t understand how anyone in this organisation can justify this treatment.

SeaWorld has been cited by the USDA for the poor treatment of the animals in their care. PETA will continue their battle against this cruel and intolerant organisation. SeaWorld makes millions of dollars based on the horrific treatment of these animals. I can’t understand why they are able to get away with it. It just proves that money is one of the most powerful things in the world; such a worrying fact for the future.


Z x