Black Friday & Cyber Week – 8 Tips For Getting The Best Bargains


Hey Everyone,

Cyber week is officially in full swing!

It can be quite overwhelming and it’s extremely easy to get carried away with so many ‘special offers’ coming our way. We’ve all fallen victim to the allure of Black Friday and ended up with stuff (crap) we don’t need or want simply because it was discounted.

In a bid to avoid the unnecessary purchases this year (and to help you do the same!) I decided to put together my top tips for a successful Black Friday and Cyber Week. We all want the best deals possible, so hopefully you find this useful!

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1. Have Your Wishlist Prepared!

I personally think creating a wishlist of the items you’re looking to purchase will save you a lot of time. It will limit the endless schrolling aimlessly look through the thousands of discounts online. You end up missing out if you’re not organised because stock goes so quickly during Cyber Week and Black Friday.

I suggest creating a wishlist or adding to your basket on each site. Alternatively, save the links to each item you’re after in the notes section of your phone.

2. Don’t Buy Unless You Would Pay Full Price

This will help reduce the reckless spending. If you don’t love it and wouldn’t pay full whack then don’t buy it on sale. You will never grow to like it more, if anything you will lose interest. If you’re not 110% then step back and put your money towards something you love!

3. Budget Yourself 

Have a set budget in mind before you  begin shopping. Black Friday is not beneficial if you spend all your money on stuff you don’t need. You won’t thank yourself for going way over budget. If you have a (realistic) figure in your head of what you can afford, you will be smarter with your money and end up with better items.

4. Invest in Key Pieces 

Use your afformentioned budget wisely and invest in key pieces throughout Cyber Week and Black Friday. Purchase the items that usually cause a hit to your bank balance:

  • Electronics – if you’re on the hunt for a new TV, a laptop, an ipad, straightener, kitchen equip (I’m after a new kettle…wild I know!)
  • Footwear – runners, good quality boots
  • Makeup & Skincare – if you use expensive foundation or skincare, stock up while you get money off (you will thank yourself in a few months)
  • Coats – A good coat will last you a couple of Winters if you invest. Now is the time to purchase if you have your eye on something!
  • Homeware & Interiors – especially things you don’t want to spend lots of money on but want good quality. Think curtains, bedding and rugs. It’s also the perfect time if you’re looking for a new couch or bed!

5. Consider Usage Occasions 

If you’re trying to decide between two options, think of the usage occasions. This is especially useful for clothes and accessories. Think of the lifespan and whether you will get 30 wears or 30 uses out of it. If not, then maybe you should leave it behind.

6. Stock Up 

If you know your favourite products, be it skincare, haircare or makeup items, then stock up if there is a discount. Even something as simple as buying two bottles of your foundation at a reduced price will make a difference to your finances in the long run.

7. Be Savvy 

You are going to be bombarded with links to different items that companies and influencers recommend. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this and it’s a great way to see what’s out there, but don’t be too easily influenced. If it’s not on your wishlist, then stop and think about it.

A lot of the time people are paid to share discounts and use affiliate links (again nothing wrong with this!) but just be mindful that they probably aren’t even buying these things themselves. So if you don’t love it, don’t think you should purchase because your favourite fashion blogger shared it!

8. Do Your Research

A lot of companies (not all) hike up the prices in the run up to Black Friday and then offer discounts to lure you in. Do your research and know approximate pricing for the items you’re after. Look at a few different retailers and take note of the pricing so you can get the best deal. This is particularly relevant if you’re making a large purchase!

Blair 3

I am on the hunt for a number of items (mainly things from point 4!) I will share any relevant discount codes I spot and any great bargains I come across over on Instagram (here)

I’m not here to push products I wouldn’t actually buy myself, so anything I share I am hoping to buy (or wish I could afford to buy)

Happy Shopping!

Z x




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