Prague Travel Guide

Prague, Travel Tips, Travel Guide, Prague Travel Guide, PhotographyHi Everyone,

As some of you may  know, Prague is hands down my favourite city. It’s so beautiful in both Winter and Summer and everytime I’ve visited, I’ve had the best holiday!

I know a lot of people travel to Prague this time of year, so I wanted to share some of my favourite experiences. Hopefully this will help you enjoy the city as much as I did!

Do let me know if you decide to Czech any of our suggestions out (sorry!)

Old Town Square 

While every part of Prague is stunning, my favourite part has to be the Old Town. The most beautiful architecture lines cobled streets that are full of character. The square is, you’ve guessed it, in the heart of the Old Town. There are so many bars and restaurants here, you’re sure to find something to tickle your fancy! The smaller streets that run off the square are home to some lovely, authentic Czech restuarants that have such a great atmosphere.

Prague, Travel Tips, Travel Guide, Prague Travel Guide, Photography, Prague Old Town

The U Prince Hotel

This gorgeous hotel is positioned directly across from the clock tower which is in the centre of the Old Town. They have a fabulous roof top bar that has the most gorgeous view of the city. Blankets and heaters are available in the colder months which gives it an even cosier feel! Whether you just want a casual cocktail or a few drinks and somewhere to cuddle up, this place is amazing!

Pasta Fresca

This a restaurant recommendation I got from friend who lived in Prague (you can’t beat inside knowledge) I have to say it really is a little hidden gem. Once you  get inside and go downstairs, it’s like a whole other world. If you like Italian, you will love the food and don’t get me started on the wine! Amazing!

Prague, Travel Tips, Travel Guide, Prague Travel Guide, Photography, Food, Where to eat Prague

Karlova Street 

One of my favourite things to do when we visit Prague is to wander! Karlova Street is definitely one of my favourites. Lined with restaurants and bars, you’ve ample choice whatever you’re after. One end of the street leads onto the main square in the Old Town, with the other end leading you through the Bridge Tower and on to Charles Bridge.

Prague, Travel Tips, Travel Guide, Prague Travel Guide, Photography

Charles Bridge & Vojan Gardens

Taking a stroll across Charles Bridge is a must if you are in Prague. You really do get some stunning views (and some great pics!) Be warned though, it’s very busy! There are always stalls, street artists and performers along the bridge too, so it’s perfect for a stroll. I do love a good mosey! The Vojan Gardens are located just off the bridge. The last time we visited there was a market and a mini festival on in the gardens / park area which we really enjoyed.

Prague, Travel Tips, Travel Guide, Prague Travel Guide, Photography, Charles Bridge

Monolok Cafe 

The perfect little pitstop for a glass of wine! I can’t speak for the food as we didn’t actually eat there, but I have heard good things! I’m a sucker for any little cafes that have cute lighting. Honestly fairy lights and / or candles and I’m sold!

Prague, Travel Tips, Travel Guide, Prague Travel Guide, Photography

Ghost & Mystery Tours 

If you’re after something a little different, there are numerous ghost and legend tours in Prague, some of which go underground. The Old Town in Prague has another city underneath which stems back to the 13th  Century. It’s something different to do and can end up being a bit of a laugh!

Prague, Travel Blog, Photography, Prague Travel Guide, Prague Old Town

There are lots more things to do, I just didn’t want to bore the life out of you with a super long post. I personally love walking around and making things up as we go whilst away, but it is nice to have a few suggestions to refer to! I can’t wait to go back to Prague, we find something new to do everytime we go.

I share more travel bits over on Instagram (say hi here) and our next destination is Rome. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on some of the fun things we get up to.

Chat soon,

Z x






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