My Summer Beauty Essential: Yumi Lashes

Yumi lashes, beauty review, beauty blog, beauty, skincare, photography,

Hi Everyone,

I feel like every time I write a blog post I’m talking about how quickly the months are going by. Well this one is no different because I just find it so hard to believe it’s Summer!

As the warmer months are now (hopefully) approaching, I wanted to share my experience of getting Yumi lashes for the first time. I think it’s such a handy treatment for Summer, especially holidays! Plus I don’t know about you, but I love seeing some before and after pictures of a treatment I’m considering!

I got mine done in Deeva Hair & Beauty and incase you’re unsure, Yumi lashes involves curling, lifting and tinting your natural lash. I have quite long lashes but they are poker straight (like my hair) so I welcomed the thought of a curl!


Yumi lashes, beauty review, beauty blog, photography, skincare, inspiration, motivation

The Results:

Yumi lashes, beauty review, beauty blog, beauty, skincare, photography,

The treatment lasts 8-10 weeks and I won’t lie, I wasn’t too sure how my lashes would fare with cleansing, showering and the fact I rub my eyes ten million times a day! I’m currently on week 4 however and they are still perfectly curled.

Honestly, most days I don’t wear mascara or eyeliner at all now, a bit of eyeshadow and I’m good to go. It’s so handy Monday to Friday because that extra few minutes in bed is gold!


In terms of aftercare, there is little to no maintenance required. I received a serum that I put on my lashes (like a mascara) after I remove my makeup and that’s pretty much it!

I know a big question for most people is the cost of a treatment, so for the Yumi lashes in Deeva Hair & Beauty it’s €50 and this includes your serum. This helps keep your lashes in good condition. When you think about it, it’s €5-€6 a week for fab lashes!

Yumi lashes, beauty review, beauty blog, beauty, skincare, photography,

I just think Summer is such a good time for treatments that mean less makeup is required! It’s such a good alternative to false lashes too.

As always, I can only recommend the salon I get the treatment in. I can’t speak for anywhere I haven’t tried, hence why I always state the location…just incase!

You can check out Deeva Hair & Beauty on Instagram (here) I’ll also keep you updated on how my lashes look over the next few weeks (you can follow along here) If there’s anything I didn’t cover and if you’ve any questions, just let me know!

I really hope this quick review was helpful for anyone on the lookout for an alternative to fake lashes!

Z x

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