Would I Get Lip Fillers Again?

img_4951-e1520449462872.jpgHi Everyone,

If you’ve followed me for a while now, you will know I got lip fillers almost five months ago. It was my first time to ever get any sort of cosmetic procedure done and you can read all about my initial experience here.


The fillers have now dissolved, but I’ve had quite a few people ask whether I would get them done again and what my overall experience with lip augmentation was like.

It can be hard to judge when you’ve just had the procedure done and so to give you a proper overview, I wanted to do a follow up post and document my personal experience and how I felt about it.

Once the swelling had gone down, I was so over the moon with my lips, in particular my top lip. I felt I could smile without it disappearing which has always been a bit of a pet peeve of mine!

I was lucky that bruising wasn’t too severe (I literally iced them for the first two days to avoid this!) and so my initial experience was really positive. I would say that if I hadn’t followed the instructions I’d been given by the clinic, then bruising and swelling would have been worse. For once in my life, I just did what I was told!

The main thing I was concerned about and I know I’ve documented this before, was that when the fillers started to dissolve, that my lips and the skin around my mouth would start to sag. This was a genuine worry and I was thinking about it quite a lot at the start.


After the third month, my fillers started to dissolve and I am happy to say no sagging took place! I was worried my mouth would feel really strange, but I can honestly say I didn’t notice it. They dissolved so slowly (and completely pain free) that I didn’t see too much of a reduction in my lips too quickly. It took over two months for the fillers to fully dissolve and I was delighted as I didn’t want to wake up one morning sans top lip!

If anything, I still think my lips are a little plumper overall, which is great!

One thing I did notice was lipstick application. When I first started applying it after the lip fillers had just been done, I wasn’t putting enough on. I had to keep topping up my top lip in particular, but I soon got used to this! I basically just had more lip to cover, which was a good complaint to have!

For the first few weeks it did feel a little funny smacking your lips together after applying lipstick or gloss, but again, it was just something I had to get used to and it was definitely worth it.


I’ve heard so many horror stories about lip fillers or cosmetic surgery going wrong. This combined with me being a complete and utter worrier meant I was pretty nervous. I don’t think I lost the nervousness until about a week after they were done.


I’m glad to say however that my experience was really positive overall and I would definitely consider getting lip fillers again. I can’t speak for all salons, I can only recommend the Anne McDevitt Clinic due to my first hand experience. Going to a reputable salon / clinic is so important for these types of procedures.


At the end of the day, it is your face. My best advice is to go to an experienced, reputable salon that are happy to give you all the info you need prior to any procedure. Thankfully the Anne McDevitt Clinic were happy to ease my nerves beforehand and they pride themselves on their expertise!

I know lip augmentation isn’t for everyone and some people may not agree with any cosmetic procedures such as this and I 100% take that on board. I personally just don’t see the point in not speaking openly about it. I don’t understand when people try to hide any procedures they’ve had done, what’s the point? People can tell! 🙂

If anyone has any questions, feel free to get in touch and I’d be happy to go into more detail with you. As always I’m over on Instagram (here) and FB (here) or you can use my contact page (here)

I really hope this blog post was helpful to anyone considering lip fillers and I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Z x



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