14 Things to Treat Yourself To this Valentine’s Day

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Hate it or Love it, there’s no escaping Valentine’s Day. I personally amen’t the biggest fan and we generally don’t get into it too much. This year, we are going for dinner, but I will admit that we didn’t realise it was Valentine’s Day when we booked it. I was more concerned with Pancake Tuesday because well…pancakes!

I know some people love it and each to their own. If you really like the whole Valentine’s theme, then good for you. Enjoy it! One thing I do believe however, is that you don’t need to be in a relationship to get spoiled, nor do you need someone else to do it for you.

Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, Inspiration, Motivation, Love, Life, MindsetI have put together 14 ideas to help you treat yourself and be your own Valentine!  While I may not be a big believer in V Day, I am a big believer in the whole Treat Yo’Self motto!

1. New Kicks

In keeping with the theme, why not treat yourself to a new pair of pink runners? We’re finally in Spring, so it’s the perfect excuse to buy something in a brighter colour!

Adidas, Fashion Inspiration, Style Inspiration, Irish Influencer, Irish Fashion Blogger, Valentines Day

Pink Adidas Original (here)

Adidas, Irish Influencer, Fashion Inspiration, Style, Irish Fashion Blogger, Pink Adidas RunnersPink Adidas Pharrell Williams Tennis Hu Shoes (here)

2. New Diary or Notebook 

I just love getting a new diary. For some strange reason, it makes me feel very productive and it’s almost like a fresh start and encourages you to make plans.

Diary, Inspiration, Motivation, Valentines Day, Irish Blogger, LifestyleProve Them Wrong Diary (here) This is only €14.00 and if you use code Zoelexa10 you can get an additional 10% off your order! I have this one and I love it!

POCO, Irish Blogger, Irish Fashion Blog, Irish Influencer, Motivation, Diary, Inspiration

This is my favourite diary from the Pippa Collection! (here) 

3. Get Your Nails Done

Whether it’s shellac, gels or even just a file and polish, having your nails done is always such a nice treat. I recently went to EMI to get my gel nails done and I was so happy with the results! I honestly can’t recommend them enough, so if you’re in the mood for a bit of a pamper in a gorgeous salon, definitely check them out! You can find them on Facebook (here) and Instagram (here)

Beauty Blogger, Beauty Review, Gel Nails, Nails, Inspiration, Valentines Day, Irish Blogger

4.  Fresh PJs

Is there anything nicer than fresh PJs? Whether you’re a silky & sexy or fluffy & cosy kind of gal, there are some really nice inexpensive options for you to choose from!

Fashion Inspiration, Style, Fashion, Irish Blogger, Valentines Day, Gift Ideas for her, Photography

Pink Satin Pyjama Set (here

Irish Blogger, Fashion, Irish Fashion Blog, Shopping, Inspiration, Photography

How cosy does this Pink Fluffy Robe look? (Shop here)

5. Get a Facial 

A facial is such a nice way to unwind. As it’s not something we do every week, it’s the perfect treat to yourself and will leave you looking and feeling great! I love the Anne McDevitt clinic and they offer a range of different facials (see more here) I think I’m going to try the Firm Skin option as it sounds amazing! It’s a salon I trust so would highly recommend if you are thinking about treating yourself.

Beauty Blog, Skincare, Beauty review, Irish Blogger, Facial, Photography

6. Cosy Jumper

We can say it’s Spring until the cows come home but let’s be honest, it’s still freezing. I am such a fan of cosy jumpers, they’re a necessity for these cold evenings! Why not treat yourself to one that won’t break the bank? Fashion Inspiration, Shopping, H&M, Irish Fashion Blog, Irish Blogger, Style, Photography

Colour Block Polo-neck Jumper – it’s on sale! (here)

Valentines Day, Pink Jumper, Irish Fashion Blog, Inspiration, Style Inspo, Photography

Light Pink Bardot Jumper (here)

7. A New Candle

There’s just something so lovely about having candles lighting at home. I’m a big fan of Max Benjamin and of course we all love Jo Malone, but for the sake of a little Valentine’s Day treat to yourself, a candle from Penneys does the job! They smell so gorgeous and are generally max €5.00!

Homeware, Penneys, Interiors, Primark, Irish Blogger, Irish Fashion Blogger

Candles, Valentines Day, Irish Fashion Blogger, Interior Inspiration

8. A New Pair of Sunglasses

Because who doesn’t want to feel a little glam? A nice pair of sunnies are always a good buy and there are so many affordable options that look much more expensive!

Sunglasses, Fashion, River Island, Irish Blogger, Irish Fashion Blog, Style

Brown Tortoiseshell Sunglasses (here)

9. Underwear

Whether it’s for yourself or someone else, wearing nice underwear always makes you feel better about yourself!

Floral Underwear, Bralette, Irish Blogger, Valentines Day, PINK, Fashion, Shopping, InspirationPink Floral Bra (here)


Underwear, Valentines Day, Fashion, Shopping, Inspiration, Motivation, Love

Black Lace Bralette €8.00 and Lace Underwear €5.00 both Penneys

10. A New Lipstick 

Anyone else buy so many different lipsticks that end up being very similar in colour? I know what I like so I stick with it! A nice lipstick finishes off your makeup, so why not treat yourself to a new one? Beauty, Charlotte Tilbury, Lipstick, Beauty Blog, Valentines Day, Makeup, Inspiration

Pillow Talk from Charlotte Tilbury (here)


11. Curly Blow Dry 

You always feel your best when your hair is done. A curly blow dry is just the perfect way to give yourself a little boost! Most hairdressers have special offers on midweek so you don’t have to spend a fortune! Dry & Fly are great if you’re in a rush and I always go to Millies when I’m at home!

Hair, Hair Inspiration, Balayage, Beauty, Beauty Blog, Irish Blog

12. Perfume

Who says you can’t buy perfume for yourself? I know it can be budget dependant, but there are really cost effective options too. Zara actually do some lovely perfumes for under €10.00!

Zara, Perfume, Beauty, Beauty Blog, Shopping, Inspiration, Valentines Day

My favourite Zara Perfume (here)

13. Fresh Flowers

I buy fresh flowers for our apartment once a week and they really brighten the place up. They don’t have to be expensive, there are really nice options in Aldi & Lidl!

Flowers, Valentines Day, Fresh Flowers, Inspiration, Photography, Fashion Blogger


14. Take Some Me Time

Ok without sounding too cheesy, why not treat yourself to an hour or two of just relaxing and doing something for you? Majority of us don’t give ourselves enough down time and let life get in the way. Why not take some time and read a book or watch a new series, do a hair mask and have a large glass of wine. That in itself is a gift in my book!

Pamper, Beauty, Beauty Blog, Inspiration, Tumblr, Photography, Beauty Blog

Whatever you’re doing with your day, whether you’re embracing Valentine’s or not, make sure you enjoy yourself! I will be adding some Valentine’s Day Discount Codes over on my Instastories (here) so if you feel like treating yourself or someone else, you can get a bargain too!

All My Love

Z x



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