What It’s Really Like To Get Lip Fillers

Hi Everyone!

Today’s post is a little different than any I’ve done before. If you follow me on Snapchat (DayDreamerChic) you’ll know that I recently got lip fillers in the Anne McDevitt Laser & Skin Clinic on Wicklow Street.


Before the procedure I was eager to find some advice from those who had experienced it first hand. To be honest, I kind of struggled to get non professional info, so figured why not write about it myself?

So here’s my guide to what to expect when you’re getting lip fillers (or lip augmentation as the professionals call it!)

Firstly, it’s something that I have thought about for a while. I’m not this big advocate for plastic surgery, but I am an advocate for doing something that makes you happy! I’ve wanted my top lip done for quite some time. ‘Bother’ is probably too strong of a word, but it is something I’ve wanted to ‘amend’ shall we say!

The before – sans top lip when I smiled….lip fillers, lip augmentation, photography, Irish bloggers, beauty bloggers, lip filler review

I collaborated with the Anne McDevitt Clinic as I mentioned and prior to the procedure, I did quite a bit of snooping on Dr Viel and the clinic itself. It’s your face at the end of the day, so you really can’t be careful enough. I read so many great reviews and so felt like it was a secure option. My top advice is however is to research!

So, on the day….

When I arrived at the clinic I was a bag of nerves. I tend to build up these things in my head and think of everything that could go wrong! After chatting with the clinic manager and Dr Viel however, I was put at ease and felt more comfortable about the whole thing.

I wanted a subtle look (I may have mentioned it several thousand times!) and thankfully everyone involved was of the same opinion. I was desperate to avoid the infamous trout pout and that was one of my main concerns.

I was scared I would end up like so….

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Dr Viel analysed my face and expressed that I have a small mouth (contrary to what others have said before him!) He advised that he would use half the vile on top and half for my bottom lip. I didn’t need a full one on each.

He applied numbing cream all over my mouth and surrounding areas. I won’t lie, it was not the most glam moment of my life, but it’s definitely essential.

Juverderm is the filler that was used and I was advised that it will slowly begin to dissolve after approx 6 months. It’s also possible to have this dissolved instantly if you’re unhappy with the results. That in itself is quite reassuring, especially for worriers like myself!

juvederm, lip fillers, lip augmentation, irish bloggers, photographer, lip filler review

So there I was, mouth numb awaiting my fabulous new lips and up to this point, I had tried to forget about the needle thing. When you’re lying in the chair and it’s all kicking off however, it’s a tad difficult to ignore. I’m not overly scared of needles but who loves the idea of one sticking into your face?

Then it began…and honestly it wasn’t as sore as I expected!? I do NOT have a particularly strong pain threshold, but it really wasn’t awful! It hurt more at the top near the cupid’s bow, but other than that, it was totally bearable.

After the whole thing was done (which took a max of 30mins overall) I was almost scared to look in the mirror as I’d be warned that my lips would be swollen. While they were swollen, they weren’t as bad as I had expected. However…I cannot recommend enough to do as you’re instructed! Ice, ice and more ice! I even put a can of diet coke on my mouth for the drive home (twas a very glam day altogether)

Before Vs. After

My lips were swollen and ever so slightly bruised in the days following the augmentation, nothing too scary, but I won’t lie it was noticeable so I would suggest giving yourself some down time. If I hadn’t used ice I magine things could have got ugly.

After a few days, the swelling had gone down and I was so happy with the results.

New lips, who dis?

I wanted to take my own pictures; no fancy photographer, just me and my iPhone (my camera is currently broken *sigh*) Though I do apologise for different light in each – you can thank good old Irish weather for that! I figured that would give a better look into the whole thing. There is a video of the full procedure on the Anne McDevitt Facebook & Twitter pages. I won’t lie, it’s slightly graphic, but useful for anyone who wants to see what it’s really like.

You can watch it here

lip fillers, lip augmentation, anne mcdevitt, beauty blogger, Irish blogger, vlogger

As this was my first time getting anything like this done, I can’t compare to any other salons that may offer this treatment. I can only vouch for the Anne McDevitt clinic, however I am happy to do so. I personally would prefer to go somewhere where I’ve heard reviews from first hand experience so I hope this helps!

They offer a wide range of services such as Micro Needling, Eminence Facials, Caci Synergy and Diathermy. You can see the full list (here) and I’m actually considering a few more treatments over the coming months. Party season prep is commencing!

I asked so many questions before my appointment and everyone was very accommodating, so I would advise that if you are considering lip augmentation or any other treatment, then get in touch (here)! You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date on treatments and special offers.

Alternatively, if you want to ask me any questions, as always I’m over on Instagram, Facebook and of course Snapchat (@DayDreamerChic)

DM me at any time, I’m more than happy to chat through it with you! 🙂

I really hope this was helpful guys, as always I’d love your thoughts?

All My Love

Z x


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