Back On Track: Mind, Body & Soul

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Hi Everyone!

It feels like forever since I sat down to do a blog post. I’ve been toying with the idea of shutting the blog down completely over the last few months. I haven’t had any motivation (or desire) to write anything about, well, anything!

It’s easy to say ‘I don’t have time’ but the reality is, you make time if something matters. I just haven’t been feeling myself over the last while and so I think this has a knock on effect for most aspects of life.

Irish Blogger, Irish Fitness Blogger, Photography, Fashion blog, Inspiration, Motivation, Mindset, Style Inspiration, Anxiety, Positivity

For the last year, I’ve been eating really poorly. Now when I say eating poorly, I actually mean shockingly bad – I am that girl who will eat 5 bars of chocolate without batting an eyelid (it’s something I should consider putting on my CV at this stage!) This combined with not working out, has had more of an impact than I ever thought it would!

I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin (or clothes for that matter) I’m tired and sluggish all the time and I guess I just  got caught up in a bit of vicious circle when it comes to eating crap food.

Irish Blogger, Irish Fitness Blogger, Photography, Fashion blog, Inspiration, Motivation, Mindset, Style Inspiration, Anxiety, Positivity

Now this post isn’t saying I’m going to become a Health & Fitness guru all of a sudden. We  all know I would last for about 2hrs before falling off the wagon! Instead I’m just going to try and become a bit healthier, get some more sleep and start doing things that make me feel good again. I haven’t set myself any unattainable targets, I’m not detoxing or looking to make any major changes. I simply just want to feel better about myself.

I am (trying) to get Back On Track; Mind, Body & Soul!

I’ve signed up for some personal training sessions (which has me feeling both excited and nervous at the same time) and I’m going to aim to eat good, wholesome food and basically cut out all the unnecessary junk food, not all, just the binge eating side of things. So sayonara to the 5 bars of chocolate and copious amounts of wine!

Jumper (similiar here) / Joni Jeans – Topshop (here) / Boots – Zara (similar here)

I’m going to keep you updated as I go. I know I will have hiccups along the way, I know I’ll give up some days and be really dedicated on others, but regardless, I just need to try. It’s not based solely on my physical appearance (though it would be nice if a few inches could F right off) but also for my own frame of mind.

Lets see how I fair! I’ll be back doing a weekly update here on the blog, but I will also do daily updates on Instagram & Instastories (here) which I’m hoping will keep me motivated!

If you’re in the same boat, let me know, the more people in this together, the better! 🙂

All My Love

Z x






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