London Travel Guide – Where to Eat & What to Order!

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Hi Everyone,

I’ve decided to start a travel section of my blog. I try to get away as much as possible (aka as much as my bank balance will allow) so I figured why not share these experiences with you all? I’m always looking for info when I’m off to a new location, so hopefully some of you will find this new section interesting!

My most recent holiday was a girl’s city break to London (which I adored!) I genuinely fell in love with the city and can’t wait to return. Can you believe it was my first time to visit somewhere so close to home?!

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As you all know by now, I am the ultimate foodie. The first thing I’m planning when we’re going away is where we are going to eat. I am that person who is genuinely upset when I don’t get to eat nice food and drink nice wine (hence my lack of abs ATM) 🙂

Below I’ve listed my favourite places to eat and drink in London and I really hope you enjoy!

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Best for Brunch: Aubaine 

After arriving to a sunny Kensington, we were more than ready for some brunch. We stumbled across Aubaine by accident. We were actually walking to another restaurant that we’d planed to visit when the hunger just got too much!

This little gem was bright, spacious and had a country chic vibe which was a million miles away from the busy Kensington Hughstreet right outside.

London, Kensington, Irish Travel Blog, Irish Blogger, Irish Lifestyle Blogger, Travel Blog, photography, Food Blog, London Travel Guide, Aubaine Review

London, Kensington, Irish Travel Blog, Irish Blogger, Irish Lifestyle Blogger, Travel Blog, photography, Food Blog, London Travel Guide, Aubaine Review

We got a number of different things to share amongst the table (wine included obvs) Whilst everything was delicious, I cannot emphasise enough how amazing the ice-cream macaroons were! Clearly no picture was taken as we they were gone in about 0.25 seconds.

London, Kensington, Irish Travel Blog, Irish Blogger, Irish Lifestyle Blogger, Travel Blog, photography, Food Blog, London Travel Guide, Aubaine Review

Best Experience: Sketch 

Lets be honest, we couldn’t go to London on a girls weekend without visiting Sketch. The interiors and decor did not disappoint. It was like stepping on to a movie set when we walked through the door.

Sketch London, London Travel Guide, Photography, London Restaurant Reviews, Irish Lifestyle Blogger, Travel blog


The staff were amazing and the wine was probably the best I’ve had in a long time (starting to sound like a right old wine connoisseur amn’t I!) but if I’m honest, the food was not as good as expected. I had the fish & chips and without trying to discredit this amazing restaurant…I’ve had better. However the experience alone was more than worthwhile.

Best for Dinner: Coco Momo 

Kensington, London, Travel Blog, Irish Travel Blogger, Photography, Food Inspiration, Coco Momo Kensington

We visited Coco Momo on our last night and it was the perfect ending to a great holiday. The staff were lovely and so too was the food! It’s the type of restaurant that still maintained a cosy appeal which is hard to find in the bigger cities.

My favourite part of our food was obviously the dessert; sticky toffee pudding. I like to consider myself a bit of an expert when it comes to anything sweet (again reinforcing the lack of abs reasoning!) and I would honestly give this a 10 out of 10.

London Food, London, Foodie, Irish Travel Blog, Irish Lifestyle Blogger, Irish Blogger, Photography

Best for Afternoon Tea: The Tea Room at Harrods 

I was that person walking around Harrods in awe – spot the tourist! All that (window) shopping can certainly work  up an appetite, so we decided to go for some afternoon tea. It was as we expected; practically perfect in every way – I felt a Mary Poppins reference necessary as that’s exactly what it felt like; a scene from an old school Disney classic. 

It’s also not as expensive as you’d think so that’s definitely a bonus!

Harrods, afternoon tea, london, photography, travel tips, London travel guide,

London, Harrods, Afternoon Tea, Irish Travel Blog, Travel Blog, London Travel Guide, Irish Blogger, Lifestyle Blogger, Foodie, Photography,

Harrods, Afternoon Tea, London, Travel blogger, Irish Travel Blogger, Irish Lifestyle Blogger, Irish Influencer, Photography, Foodie, Inspiration

Best for On The Go: Wasabi 

Food Blogger, Travel Blog, Photography, London, Irish Travel blog, Irish Lifestyle Blogger,

I know sushi isn’t for everyone, but I love it. We were eager beavers on the second day and determined to do some damage on Oxford street so wanted something quick. Wasabi was delicious and again, not too expensive. I ordered enough to feed about six people which I always do with sushi. I (conveniently) find that it’s better to over estimate than under estimate when it comes to food though.


There are so many other restaurants that I want to try in London, so I think it’s the perfect excuse to go back. Our next adventure is to Budapest at the end of the month, so there’ll be another travel post coming soon!

If you’ve tried any of the above restaurants or have any other suggestions, be sure to let me know. As always I’m over on Instagram (here) and Facebook (here) I’d love to hear your suggestions!

All My Love

Z x

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