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Hey Guys,

Has anyone else been slacking on the healthy eating lately? Thanks to my holiday, I’m so far off the wagon, I can barely see it!

This sums up my daily diet last week:

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diet, healthy eating, weightloss, Irish Blogger, Irish Food Blog, Motivation


If you follow me on Snapchat (DayDreamerChic) you will know I had a ridiculous amount of pizza, ice-cream and alcohol while away.


Big sunglasses when you’re makeup free and slightly hungover are a necessity!

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I gave myself the week after I came home to relax and still eat whatever I wanted. Holiday blues combined with being back to work meant I just wasn’t in the right mindset. This week however, I’m drawing a line under it. It’s time to get my diet back on track.

Here’s my plan:

1. No chocolate (even dark) for the first 5 days

2. Three x 45minute workouts (2 of which must include weights)

3. 2litres of water a day

4. Hot water & lemon every morning, followed by a pint of detox water

5. Each meal must have a balance of carbs, protein & good fats (to ensure I stay full)

6. Grapefruit each morning before breakfast

7. One cup of green tea every day

8. Ensure I get my 5 a day, equally divided between fruit and vegetables

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I’m going to document everything I eat and try update Snapchat (DayDreamerChic) & Instagram as much as possible. I’m also going to highlight how I’m feeling each day and hopefully I will start to see some progress.

diet, weightless, Inspiration, Motivation, Weightloss Quotes, Photography, Irish Blogger, Irish Lifestyle Blogger

As it stands, I feel awful. Two weeks of eating junk food and it’s really had some negative effects. I’ve no energy, my skin is suffering and I just feel terrible. So I am definitely ready to get back to a healthy lifestyle.

Be sure to let me know how you guys are getting on!

All My Love

Z x

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