Confessions of a Secret Snacker | Bikini Body Week 14

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Hey Guys,

I hope you’re all having a fab day?

I have 11 days until my holiday! I can’t quite believe how quickly the Summer is going. Time flies when you’re having fun I suppose, and fun I am having. Fun that is visible on my waistline….

My Mooch & I… It is my new favourite mid week treat! 

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I’ve decided that next year I’m going on holiday in June as it’s when I’m at my slimmest (haha) There’s too much to do over the Summer and seeing as I’m not someone who likes to miss out, I’m certainly no longer at my slimmest!

Not being able to deal with food envy is a real issue for my Bikini Body…

I’m not going to get too stressed over it though. I know people go on crazy detoxes in the run up to their holiday, but it’s not for me. I’m just going to continue to try and eat well. I’m still going to have some treats, but not go too out of control.

Currently my favourite snack; banana & coconut/peanut butter.

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I’ve also been loving salad with quinoa, goats cheese & cranberries:

Healthy eating, food blog, Irish blogger, photography, diet, Weightloss, motivation, inspiration

The only thing I am banning however is large amounts* of alcohol. You will have seen over on my Snapchat that I cannot deal with hangovers anymore! I tend to eat everything in sight. I mean EVERYTHING!

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After a great weekend of eating, drinking and sleeping, I am ready for a healthy week. You will have seen over on Instagram that I am back to the ‘proats’ and have been swapping any fizzy drinks for Alpro Fusions (read more here) I’m also back working out as my neck is slowly progressing. My workouts are less than usual but I do feel better doing something.

Irish blogger, Irish lifestyle blogger, motivation, inspiration, photography, diet, Weightloss, positivity

I’m going to stick to the protein oats for the week and I’m also just trying to eat good food in a hope that I stay full and don’t eat junk food. I’m mainly trying to stay positive as realistically I’m not going to drastically change anything in 11 days, I’ll have to work with what I have!

Here’s to a Happy & Healthy week ☺️

All My Love

Z x


*Note the ‘large amounts’ in that sentence as I can’t promise to give up the occasional glass of wine!



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