Confessions of a Secret Snacker | Bikini Body Week 11

Photography, inspiration, motivation, food, healthy eating, irish blogger, lifestyle blogger

Hello Beautiful People,

I hope you’re all having a lovely day?

My healthy eating went pretty well last week. I didn’t count my Macros like I had aimed to do, but I am going to try going forward. For some reason, I just had a really positive attitude towards food this week and I feel all the better for it.

Photography, inspiration, motivation, food, healthy eating, irish blogger, lifestyle blogger

Typical Day:

Breakfast: Proats with mixed berries, soya milk & some natural sweetener.

Snack: Banana

Lunch: Vegan burger, scrambed egg (the Body Coach version) & Avocado

Snack: Popcorn (which I need to cut out) or a protein / vegan treat.

Dinner: Fish or chicken with brown pasta or rice or I’ve been loving simple beans on toast with some turkey rashers and grilled mushrooms too.

Snack: Glenisk protein yogurt or Alpro Soya (Almond or Coconut) yogurt.

If I’m still hungry (which is the norm) then I’d also add a whole grain slimster with almond butter.ย 

Diet, food, weightloss, photography, irish blogger, inspiration, motivation, paleo, paleo diet

I’m not going to lie, I did also have chocolate each day, but I didn’t go over the top. I love chocolate too much to avoid it completely, I end up binge eating it if I feel deprived!

Fitness, quotes, motivation, inspiration, lifestyle blogger, Irish blogger, positivity

As I didn’t cut anything out and instead allowed myself a small bit of whatever I felt like, I wasn’t craving unhealthy food. I know this isn’t ‘Clean Eating’ but it’s a balanced lifestyle, which is much more attainable for me!

I’ve been trying to make veggies much more appealing by roasting in herbs & adding a small bit of feta or goats cheese.

diet, weightless, positivity, food, inspiration, motivation, irish blogger, photography, lifestyle blogger, healthy eating

You’ll have seen over on my Snapchat (DayDreamerChic) that there were a few too many sweet treats in the office on Thursday. Instead of getting annoyed at my myself for eating them, I went home and baked healthy snacks for Friday. Being negative just isn’t beneficial at all, especially for a comfort eater like myself.

Recipe for Paleo Banana Bread here

Diet, Weightloss, healthy eating, paleo, paleo recipes, paleo diet, photography, clean treats, inspiration, motivation

I went to Body & Soul on Saturday and as Sunday was Father’s Day, there were a few too many calories consumed. I enjoyed my weekend however, so I do feel ready for a healthy week ahead.

Homemade Brunch for my wonderful Pops – whenever I’m in charge, food is involved!

brunch, photography, food, lifestyle blog, cheat day, family, inspiration, motivation, irish blogger, lifestyle blog

I have a new recipe for Paleo Sandwhich Bread coming up, so do keep an eye on the Food section, if like me you’re a fellow bread lover. I’m also going to really try with my macros over the coming days. Pray for me!

As always I’ll be updating Instagramย and Snapchat (DayDreamerChic) with my food and progress pics.

Be sure to let me know how you’re all getting on too!

All My Love

Z x

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