Confessions of a Secret Snacker | Bikini Body Week 6

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Hello Beautiful People,

I hope you’re healthy eating is going well?

I tried really hard this week and I ate clean Monday through to Friday. In hindsight, I don’t think I had any naughty food until the weekend. There’s a first time for everything! I kept my snacks quite healthy opting for fruit & yogurt as well as vegan cookies  – recipe is over on my Instagram.

Diet, Inspiration, Motivation, Food, Healthy Recipes, Photography, Vegan


Starting each morning with porridge, protein pancakes or smoothie bowls, meant I set myself up for the day. A positive start really does make all the difference.




I’ve been adding vanilla protein to each of the above to help make it a more substantial breakfast. I’m really  not an advocate for replacing any meals with protein shakes, instead I prefer to incorporate them into my overall diet. Life is too short not to eat real food, plus breakfast is my favourite meal of the day!

Diet, food, inspiration, motivation, Weightloss, photography,

I set myself some goals from last week’s diet post (read here) so here’s a look at how I faired:

  • Fruit or Veg with every meal – Yes adding berries on my breakfast really helped maintain this. 
  • Protein with every meal – Yes I added protein powder where necessary to facilitate this.
  • 1 ltr regular water & 1 ltr detox water each day – Yes to the regular water but no to the detox water, I had a throat infection so opted for hot water and lemon instead. 
  • 2 x walks this week – Yes the nice weather makes it much easier. 
  • 2 x workouts this week – Yes! 🙂
  • No alcohol – Emmmmmm (haha) 
  • Progress Pics (probably the scariest of them all!) I actually didn’t, purely because I didn’t get a chance on Saturday when I had planned to. This week, I will though!


We decided on a last minute weekend away due to the nice weather. You all know well enough by now that I never watch what I eat while I’m away. You will have seen on my Snapchat (DayDreamerChic) that I spent the entire weekend eating burgers, chips, Ice-cream (mandatory when by the seaside) and also a few too many sneaky drinks.

Also just to note I’m lying when I say ‘a few’ drinks and yes the below was just for me. Zoe doesn’t share food.


It wasn’t ideal for the waistline but it was great fun! When I wasn’t eating my body weight in food, we spent our days walking on the beach. For me personally, this is the best form of exercise. I can’t tell you how many calories it burned,  but the fresh air and views were amazing. I had such a clear head to start this week.

Ireland, Scenery, Beautiful, Beach, Fitness, Positivity, Photography, Inspiration, Motivation, Irish Blogger

Ireland, Scenery, Beautiful, Beach, Fitness, Positivity, Photography, Inspiration, Motivation, Irish Blogger

I drew a line under a fantastic weekend and started today with more motivation than I’ve had in a long time. Having this balance and positive attitude has made me more inclined to not snack on unhealthy food during the week. Now I don’t feel guilty about some weekend indulgences!

I’ll be using my Instagram as my food diary again this week and I’ll also be keeping my Snapchat, FB & Twitter updated too.

I will share my progress pics (and by progress I mean the ‘before’ pics) in next week’s post.

All My Love

Z x



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