Confessions of a Secret Snacker | Bikini Body Week 5

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Hello Beautiful People?

How is your healthy eating going?

Following on from last week’s ‘Bikini Body’ post (here) I had a much more relaxed approach to my food!

My favourite brekkie this week: ‘BeFree’ wrap, scrambled egg, chorizo & goats cheese.


My diet wasn’t great on Friday & Saturday, particularly the latter. I wasn’t feeling too well and so just spent both days eating comfort food and resting. Ordinarily, I would feel like I had to make up for this, but I brushed it off. I’m a big believer in listening to your body and what it needs.

Inspiration, Motivation, Life, Diet, Fitness, Quotes, Irish Blogger, PositivityIn saying that, dinner turned into drinks on Saturday evening, but do you what? Life’s for living!

You will have seen on Snapchat (DayDreamerChic) that I tried to avoid the hangover cravings on Sunday and actually ate quite well! I really do think this is because I wasn’t overthinking the whole situation. Mindset truly is so powerful!

Diet, Fitness, Photography, Motivation, Inspiration, Irish Blogger, Food Blog, Bikini Body

Chopped followed by some healthy snacks for our little road trip on Sunday. 

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This is exactly why I have a designated ‘Cheat Day’ every week. I know this can sometimes turn into two, but generally I take a day to sign off. I don’t think about macros, calories or workouts. I know there are mixed opinions on cheat days and most people tend to refine it to a single meal. I personally need a day off.

If I’ve had a bad week with my diet and fitness, I tend to draw a line under it after my cheat day. It signifies the end of the week for me and helps with a fresh start.

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In order to improve on the week just gone by, my plan is as follows:

  • Fruit or Veg with every meal
  • Protein with every meal
  • 1 ltr regular water & 1 ltr detox water each day
  • 2 x walks this week
  • 2 x workouts this week
  • No alcohol
  • Progress Pics (probably the scariest of them all!)

As always, I’ll be keeping you updated via Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter! I tend to focus on Instagram when it comes to foodie pics! Be sure to let me know how you’re getting on too ☺️

All My Love

Z x


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