Turning 25….

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Hello Beautiful People,

How was your week?

It was my birthday on Wednesday and I am now officially a quarter of a century. I’m not so sure how I feel about it, but sugar and alcohol numbed the pain!

We’re big on Birthdays in our house and I have a very kind family. You will have seen ย more over on my Snapchat (daydreamerchic) Yes I ate the three cakes, but that’s for tomorrow’s diet post!

Food, Diet, Weightloss, Irish Blogger, Photography, Family, Balanced Diet, Motivation, InspirationFood, Diet, Weightloss, Irish Blogger, Photography, Family, Balanced Diet, Motivation, InspirationFood, Diet, Weightloss, Irish Blogger, Photography, Family, Balanced Diet, Motivation, InspirationIn the run up to my birthday, I was really apprehensive. It’s one of those occasions that although not quite ‘landmark’ status, still has some significance. When I was a teenager, I felt like 25 was so far away and that I would really have my life together by that stage. Well, here we are.

While my life is not ‘not together’ – if that makes sense? It’s just different to what I thought. Different is not always bad I know and there are so many aspects of my life that I’m happy with and proud of. There is however room for improvement in certain areas, which is perfectly normal in your mid twenties. (I’m not going to lie, writing mid instead of early twenties, hurt my soul!)

As you can see, I’m still as mature as ever!

The main point of this post is not to be negative about the fact that I’m SOOOO OLD (haha) It’s to highlight that I am responsible for making sure my life goes in the right direction. I can’t sit back and hope it will all work out ok. I was holding off writing this piece as I was feeling a little down, but then I got a much needed kick up the bum (figuratively – thankfully) and I realised I need to put my head down.

imageI do work hard on all areas I’m involved in, I’m generally not one for half assing it. I do however need to do more. Simple as. There’s no magic recipe other than hard work and persistence when it comes to reaching our ย goals.

Turning 25 may not have been the highlight of my 2016 so far, but it did make me realise what I need to do to ensure that turning 26 is a much more joyous occasion.

imageI will however say that over the course of my Birthday, I was extra thankful for the people I have in my life. Without sounding too soppy, I really am a lucky girl. Or should I say woman now? Or Ma’am? Christ.

One of the perks of getting a little older is you do appreciate your circle a lot more โค

All My Love

Z x

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