Persistence : Keep the Momentum Going in 2016

Hello Beautiful People,

How has your January been to date? Full of dedication to your 2016 resolutions, or spent avoiding the gym and refusing to believe the festive season is over? For me, it can go either way. Aside from the fact I’ve been consistently writing 2015 as the date, I have had a pretty positive start to the New Year.

I’m not one for the New Year, New Me proclamations, however I do believe in setting some goals for the 12 months ahead. Think of it as a New Year, Slightly Improved Me if you will. Now I am one of the many who have great intentions which tend to stem for a few weeks, in some cases a few months. It’s rare I last the entirety of the year. I want 2016 to be different though – don’t we all?

This time around I have set myself out a plan of how to achieve my goals, failure to prepare and all that. So here’s a look at how I plan to keep the momentum going for 2016.


I told myself in December that I need to see the world, even if it’s one new location at a time. It’s much easier said than done I know, but I am making a conscious decision to put travel as a priority.

  • Book the flight: I don’t need new shoes every week, nor do I need to go out every weekend. I am choosing to spend money on adventure instead of ‘things’ (where possible)
  • Research & Plan: Planning ahead means I can arrange not only myself, but my life, so that I can ensure travel is possible.
  • Don’t book unnecessary days off from  work – keep them for a time when they can be utilised to their best ability.

Save Money 

While I want to travel, I do not want to be broke for the entire year. I want to be smart with my cash.

  • Packed lunches at least 4 days a week.
  • Stop funding Starbucks! It is only to be a treat – Nescafe Azera is a good coffee to keep in the office.
  • Avoiding unnecessary shopping sprees (basically just not every week anymore)
  • Realistic weekly saving targets: although I get paid monthly, there’s something more satisfying about a weekly routine. It also feels much more doable.

Eat Better

 This isn’t solely about eating healthy. It’s about good food and enjoying my meals as well as treats.

  • Try new things – food can get boring, experiment with different cultures and styles of cooking.
  • Eat in one new restaurant each month.
  • Preparation – I hugely dislike settling when it comes to my meals. Fellow foodies will understand the food envy that occurs when you have to grab something quick that you’re not too sure about!
  • Balance – the majority of people struggle to eat clean 24/7, I am one of these people. I genuinely believe that balance is the only way of keeping healthy eating a long term goal. I’m not one who likes to feel deprived!

Increase Productivity 

I feel like I always have so much crammed into one day. I love it, but I do want to be more productive with my time.

  • De-clutter – I am always more productive when my surroundings are organised. I am currently de-cluttering my wardrobe, I know this is standard but it’s a start.
  • Put. The. Phone. Down.
  • Every week I am going to look back over my 2016 goals and see what I have done to bring myself closer to achieving them. This will help me analyse how productive my week has been and where I need to improve.

Stop Being Scared

My anxiety and occasional panic attack can largely be attributed to fear. I can’t always explain it but when that feeling takes over, it is very difficult to stop it.

  • Stop letting irrelevant people dictate any part of your life.
  • Take control – this goes hand in hand with above.
  • Focus on what you’re working towards, don’t allow for distractions.
  • Spend more time with those you love and who improve your positivity.
  • Stop making up scenarios in your head! – Probably the most difficult.

I have got a few more personal goals that I have set for 2016 that are private (for now anyway) We all need a few individual targets, some to be discussed and some just for yourself. I feel the above goals are ones that others share in common and that’s the reasoning behind me sharing them.

Let me know if you have any other tips and tricks for sticking to your resolutions for the year ahead. I will be keeping you guys updated as much as possible on Instagram and Snapchat (daydreamerchic)

All My Love

Z x

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