Confessions of a Secret Snacker: Staying on Track

Always. Source: Instagram user lornajaneactive

Hello Beautiful People,

How has the healthy eating gone over the last few days? It can sometimes be hard to keep the momentum going after a few weeks can’t it? I can wholeheartedly say that I enjoyed my treat day this week! You will have seen on my Snapchat (Daydreamerchic) how excited I really was 🙂 It’s easy to have some off days or weeks, but once you make the decision to get yourself back on track, then you’re doing better than you think.

In my last diet post I set myself some goals for the week (read here) Lets see how I got on:

2 x cups of green tea (no excuses)

  • Yes except for the weekend -I think I forget because I’m out of my routine!

2 x pints (or equivalent) of detox water a day

  • Four of the days, I did.

1 x berocca a day (need my vitamin c upped) 

  • Yes and this helped with the coffee intake (averaged 1 a day!)

No fizzy drinks

  • I had a diet coke in the cinema as it was cheat day. I figured with all the sweets, Diet Coke wouldn’t be the end of the world 🙂

No alcohol 

  • I may have possibly had half a glass of wine on Saturday. That’s it though – I promise.

1 treat day a week (no midweek indulgence) 

  • Yes Friday I made sure I ate everything in sight so that I didn’t feel hard done by!

2 mins of skipping added on to each of my workouts

  • Yes, I actually have a new found love for skipping and it’s so effective too.

1 small treat every second day (I know I won’t go the entire week without a treat!)

No! I just can’t stop myself when it comes to chocolate. I genuinely think I have a real addiction. I know diet is more important than fitness so I need to stop having it everyday, I’m just really struggling to stop. I don’t believe in cutting out any food groups and yes by food groups, I mean chocolate!

Protein with every meal

  • Yes I did – I’ve been adding protein powder where necessary.

This week I want to increase my weighted workouts. I want to get some more definition and I know weights are the best option. I prefer walking as it clears my head but I am going to swap one of my walks for an extra weighted session (I generally just do 20-30mins workout as I’m so tired after work) I also treated myself to a few new workout pieces. Feeling good when you work out is key and I find some nice, new workout gear is great for that extra boost.

I got the mat and weights all from Aldi – such a bargain!

Fitness, Weightloss, Diet, Workout, Healthy Eating, Inspiration, Motivation

As with previous weeks, I will be using Instagram (@daydreamerchic) and Snapchat to update my progress and / or any setbacks that I may have.

Have a fab week guys!

All My Love

Z x

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