Confessions of a Secret Snacker: January Diet & Fitness Progress

Hello Beautiful People,

How did you get on with your first week back on track? I had some ups and downs, which was to be expected. I’m not that person who goes hell for leather on my first week back on a healthy diet. No, I’m that person who uses the excuse ‘ah it’s only my first week’ when I want something I know I shouldn’t have. It still was an improvement on previous weeks and I plan for this week to be better. 

Last week I compiled a checklist for my first week back healthy eating (you can read it here) So today I’m taking a look at how I faired against these goals. I’m also setting myself some new ones for the coming week.

Week 1 Checklist: 

2 x cups of green tea per day

  •  I had a minimum of 1 cup a day and I did have 2 cups at least three days out of the week. Considering I’m not a fan, this is a big improvement. 

2 x litres of water a day

  • I think there may have been one or two days where I didn’t quite hit the full 2 litres, but I always had a minimum 1.5. 

No white carbs

  • Yes I stuck to this, plenty of carbs were had, but all of which were wholemeal!

No skipping meals (this is where I tend to reach for the choc!)

  • Definitely not!! 🙂 

1 x small treat per day

  • I had too many treats which I need to improve on. It’s the evenings that get me. I am a chocolate fiend!

No fizzy drinks

  • Not one bit of fizz passed these lips. 

No alcohol

  • I think my body nearly went into shock with no alcohol this week. Not even a glass of wine was had. I’m not going to lie, I am a little shook. 

Max 2 x coffees per day

  • While I did cherish the 2 x coffees, I did not have more despite the fact I looked and felt like a zombie for 70% of the week. 

2 x days of cardio

  • Yes I stuck to this 🙂 

2 x days of weights / resistance training

  • Also a big fat yes 🙂 

So as you can see, the week wasn’t a total disaster but also wasn’t a raging success. I have to say though, I actually feel great. I really needed to get back on track, even if it was only slight progress so I am feeling motivated. 

This week’s checklist for week two of my ‘January Healthkick’ is below.

2 x cups of green tea (no excuses)

2 x pints (or equivalent) of detox water a day 

1 x berocca a day (need my vitamin c upped) 

No fizzy drinks 

No alcohol 

1 treat day a week (no midweek indulgence) 

2 mins of skipping added on to each of my workouts

1 small treat every second day (I know I won’t go the entire week without a treat!)

Protein with every meal

Again as I said in last week’s healthy eating post, I know this isn’t the strictest regime, but I’m easing myself back into it. One of the girl’s I work with very wisely said: January is hard enough as it is, don’t deprive yourself and be even more miserable. 

I will be updating my progress each day over on Instagram (@daydreamerchic) and it will hopefully help you guys feel motivated too 🙂

I will also be doing daily pics and chats on my snapchat (daydreamerchic) Don’t forget to send me some snaps of your progress too and as I said before we can motivate each other. 

All My Love

Z x

3 thoughts on “Confessions of a Secret Snacker: January Diet & Fitness Progress

  1. Well done! 🙂 You have done so well – I have kicked the fizzy drinks habit this week and it’s really tough!!

    • Ye it’s tougher than I thought with the fizzy drinks, but it’s doable 🙂 Hope this week has been good for you too? x

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