Diet + Weightloss: 2016 Fresh Start

Hello Beautiful People,

It’s time….

We’ve over indulged on Christmas food for long enough. It’s now time for the dreaded January Detox. Getting back on track always seems much worse than it actually is. Getting started is the hardest part. If like me you’ve taken the over indulgence to excessive levels (I’m sadly not above eating an entire tin of Celebrations) then you’re probably a little bit excited about getting back on track.

While I have set myself some fitness & diet goals for 2016, I’m a firm believer in breaking these down. For the next three weeks (the hardest part) I am going to work towards individual goals for that particular week. I always feel this keeps me motivated as every weekend I am ticking of my list.

Small goals lead to long term success

Week 1 Checklist: 

2 x cups of green tea per day

2 x litres of water a day

No white carbs

No skipping meals (this is where I tend to reach for the choc!)

1 x small treat per day

No fizzy drinks

No alcohol

Max 2 x coffees per day

2 x days of cardio

2 x days of weights / resistance training

I know the above checklist is not the strictest diet or fitness plan. This is because I believe in easing yourself back into a healthy lifestyle. Going from 0 to 100 on the first week is going to leave you tired, hungry and seeking immediate results. When these things happen, a diet becomes short term. We’re back on the Healthy Lifestyle bandwagon now and that is long term!

The 2nd week’s checklist will be a little bit stricter and gradually I will get back to pre December fitness and health. I won’t be cutting out carbs, dairy or any other food group completely in the coming weeks. It’s tough going back to working long hours, so we need to ensure we don’t get run down. Depriving yourself of food that nourishes your body does exactly that. So everything in moderation for me 🙂

I will be keeping my Instagram & Snapchat (DayDreamerchic) updated on a daily basis. Be sure to let me know how you’re all getting on too. Let’s motivate one another.

Here’s to a Healthy & Happy week

All My Love

Z x

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