You Know it’s Christmas in Ireland When…

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Hello Beautiful People,

The festive season is well and truly upon us. I don’t know about you but it’s my favourite time of year. I love Christmas and the build up even more so. While there are obviously standard traditions around the world, I think each nation has it’s own unique twist on the silly season.

You know it’s Christmas in Ireland when…..

There’s enough alcohol in the house to supply an entire continent. For a month.

Daniel O’Donnell and Cliff Richards feel the need to release inappropriate calendars. (There’s some things that just can’t be unseen)

There’s always one neighbour who goes OTT with the decorations and pisses everyone else off.

You run the risk of single handedly worsening global warming with the 5,000 fairy lights it takes to make the place look ‘Christmassy’

‘Food Prep’ is taken to a whole new level with your mother resembling a cross between Nigela and Putin whilst in the kitchen.

There’s always one gobshite who tries to shift Ann from Accounts at the office Christmas party.

You’re not allowed to eat any of the good food because ‘it’s for Christmas’

New Pjs.

A family fued kicks off during a game of monopoly.

You go for ‘one’ drink whilst taking a break from Christmas Shopping. You return home 2 days later….with no presents and no memory.

Midnight mass is considered more of a social event than New Years Eve.

80% of the girls in the ‘club’ are wearing that sparkly dress from Penneys, the other 20% are in the one from River Island.

Your mother declares that she’s not doing the Christmas dinner next year, knowing full well she will cut anyone else who volunteers.

It’s completely acceptable to have that extra bottle of wine….at 1.00pm.

50% of the festive season is spent with ‘the fear’ the other half is spent, well, drunk.

The entire country tunes into Father Ted on Christmas day.

I always find it so interesting to hear how different people spend their Christmas. Every family has their own unique traditions, however there tends to be a few similar things all us Irish do over the festive period. After all we do love any excuse to eat and drink too much with those near and dear.

Let me know if there’s anything you think should be added to the list πŸ™‚

Nollaig Shona Duit

Z x

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