Winter Skincare – Gentle Products to Protect your Skin

Hello Beautiful People,

I hope you had a lovely day?

The weather has progressively been getting worse over the last few weeks. Winter is well and truly in full swing. There are so many side affects to these colder days, aside from the fact it’s a pain in the you know what, it’s also been affecting my skin! We have to step up the beauty regimes at this time of year to try and protect our faces from the harsh weather. 

I’m really fussy about what I use on my skin. I always avoid anything too harsh as I find these products can dry out your skin. I often find toners a bit too strong and struggle to find one that doesn’t sting.

I’ve recently been using some Ultra Pure products as a substitute and I’ve noticed a big improvement in my skin’s texture. They are so gentle and I’ve been applying a few of the different options after I use my cleanser.

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My favourite is the Witch Hazel & Rose Water. I love rose water it’s so soothing and of course the witch hazel is excellent for preventing breakouts. My skin can get quite dry from the wind and also the heating doesn’t help matters. Natural, soothing products really are the only solution.

I don’t ever recommend products for the sake of it, you guys know that. I just found this brand particularly good. I also love the fact that they aren’t ridiculously priced and they’re Irish too. I do try to support Irish companies where possible, especially when it’s actually beneficial to my skin! I’m excited to try a few more products from their range, I’m a fiend for skincare shopping.

They’re available in most retail pharmacies (Boots, McCabes etc) so if like me you’re skin is feeling the affects of the colder months, then maybe give them a try? Let me know if you do! 🙂

All My Love

Z x

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