Invisalign: The Real Journey


Hello Beautiful People

As many of you will know, I’ve had Invisalign for the last 10months. I’ve remained as honest as possible with my reviews as it’s not beneficial for anyone if I pretend it’s all roses. It certainly is not, however it is all in the name of straight teeth!

invisalign, perfect smile, straight teeth, irish bloggerI have decided to continue with additional sets as I’m not 100% happy with my teeth. They are much straighter but not perfect. I figured why finish when the job is only half done?

If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

I wear my Invisalign religiously so I was slightly disappointed when I was informed I’d need more sets to achieve the look I want. It’s not the end of the world so I just went with it. The main issue is that I now have to wait 6 weeks to get my new set. I also wasn’t offered a retainer for this time frame. I had to really push for one to keep my teeth in place and prevent the next set being extremely painful.


I was never informed that I would need more aligners and that it would take 6 weeks to get them. I was only told on the day I was supposed to get my braces off. I generally don’t put anything negative on my blog but surely this information was known prior to that appointment?

I am happy with the progress, I would have just preferred a more realistic consultation and time frame.

These pictures were taken a few weeks apart and I am much happier with the latter. It shows the little changes that make a big difference.

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In hindsight I think I was lured in with the promise of straight teeth within 10months. Realistically it’s going to be another 4 months before my braces come off completely. Now I am a perfectionist so maybe I am being a tad fussy.



I have struggled over the last few months with the pain of the aligners and the fact they file your teeth (yes file!) so it’s not an easy process. It is worthwhile though if like me, you’re self conscious about your teeth. I never used to smile in pictures and always felt that my mouth impacted my whole face. As you can see from this post I am now as smiley as ever!

If you are looking to get a helping hand with your teeth, I’m not saying to avoid Invisalign, I would just recommend that you:

(A) Look at all options

(B) Prepare yourself for a bit of a bumpy ride at times


(C) Stand your ground when it comes to your end goal.

There are much worse things happening around the world than my teeth being sore and not straight, so I’m certainly not going to dwell on it. I just wanted to let you guys know my opinion on the process in case you are considering it.

All My Love

Z x

2 thoughts on “Invisalign: The Real Journey

  1. Hi I got Invisalign with the same people as I see the name on your packets and I finished up in May, 5 months later and they are moving back!! I wear my retainer every night and also have the perminant bar behind my teeth so be careful! Someone told me it’s because the short length of time you wear the braces isn’t long enough to set the teeth in your jaw!! I wish I had wore the last set for a few weeks longer!

    • Hi Laura, thanks so much for letting me know. That’s so frustrating for you, have you gone back to the dentist? How long did you have the braces on for? I decided to go an extra 4 months so will have them on 14 months in total, though I’m a little worried now.

      I hope you get sorted? Let me know if you decide to go back?

      Z x

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