5 Everyday Things to Cut Out to Reduce Anxiety & Stress

Inspiration, Motivation, Anxiety, Stress, Photography, Irish BloggerHey Guys,

Today’s post includes a few tips I’ve picked up when it comes to dealing with anxiety.

I’m a firm believer that small actions lead to big things. What we do in our everyday lives, has a significant impact on our long term mentality. Slowly but surely we are shaping our mindset and we may not even realise it. I personally believe that cutting down on the following points has helped me become more productive, positive and has stopped me worrying quite so much.

  1. Stop thinking too far into the future. Aside from your career, thinking too far ahead can lead to worrying and anxiety. I’m not saying don’t plan, but don’t stress about things that are so far away, they may not even happen. Circumstances change, things and people change. We aren’t afforded the luxury of guaranteed time, so just live for now and enjoy it.

Inspiration, Motivation, Anxiety, Stress, Photography, Irish Blogger2. Stop drinking so much coffee. Anyone who knows me is probably a little shocked at this statement. I am such a coffee lover. I’ve started cutting back though and now I do understand the impact too much can have. While it’s great for boosting energy levels and alertness, too much will make your mind race. 1 -2 cups a days is enough.

Positivity, life, quote, inspiration, motivation, Irish blogger, Irish lifestyle blogger

3. Stop believing everything you see on social media. We all put the best parts of our lives online and keep the worst for those within our closer circle. Don’t be jealous of someone else’s life when you only see one side of it. Every single person has their own issues to deal with, just some things are best kept private. While social media is great for interaction and inspiration, don’t let it make you feel bad about your own life. It’s there for enjoyment.

4. Stop allowing others have the power. You control your life, nobody else. Yes some people may be able to Impact it, but ultimately you’re the one in the driving seat. You are the one who can decide how your life goes, don’t let anyone else have that power over you.

Inspiration, Motivation, Anxiety, Stress, Photography, Irish Blogger5. Stop forgetting the little things. Yes they may not be big wins, but be happy when something goes right. Even the everyday, mundane things that you normally don’t pay attention to, can have an impact on your mood. Celebrate the little victories with a smile and let yourself be happy. It might seem silly sometimes, but if it cheers you up and allows for some de-stressing, then what’s the harm?

Inspiration, Motivation, Anxiety, Stress, Photography, Irish Blogger

Everyone suffers with their own individual worries and stresses. It’s all about getting the balance right and trying to make the highs more frequent than the lows.

If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to share. You can find me over on Instagram, Facebook & Snapchat (DayDreamerChic)

All My Love

Z x


6 thoughts on “5 Everyday Things to Cut Out to Reduce Anxiety & Stress

    • Thanks a million, glad you enjoyed it and thanks for your lovely comment! It’s always nice to hear if someone enjoyed a post 🙂

      Z x

  1. I clicked into this expecting the usual 5 (phone off an hr before sleep, prep food outifits the night before etc) and was so refreshed that it wasn’t. Great post, loved it.

    • Thanks so much for your lovely comment, really glad it was of some use to you!I find those 5 things genuinely help me, so delighted to hear you liked the post!
      Let me know if you try them and they work for you?

      Z x

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