Confessions of a Secret Snacker: Avoid the Hidden Calories

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Hello Beautiful People ❤

As many of you will know, last week was not a good week and so me being the comfort eater that I am, I single handedly ate enough to feed a small family. For a month. This week however I have been back on track and a tad more mindful of what passes my lips. I have had a few slips but all round it was a pretty balanced week. Saturday being my cheat day.

I am currently avoiding the phrase ‘I’m on a Diet’ and the word ‘Weightloss’ as I seem to jinx myself when these are a part of my vocabulary!

Eating healthily can be difficult at times, especially when progress is not as quick as we would have hoped! I’m a big believer in little occasional treats (and the not so little treats also!) but in many cases I find that some things which we don’t see as treats have very poor nutritional values. It is because of this, our diet suffers and so while we think we are eating healthily, we are actually hindering our progress.

Here are a few ways to avoid the hidden calories:


Weightloss, Food, Diet, Fitness, Photography, Irish Blogger

I see a lot of people eat a full packet of mints without a second thought (I’m a culprit too!) I think in many cases because we don’t consider mints as junk food then we forget that they actually do have calories and sugar incorporated!

1 packet of Mentos has approx 140 cals & 17g of sugar

Swap the chewy mints which can see a whole packet gone before realisation, for a packet of polos or something hard where one or two will suffice.


Weightloss, Food, Diet, Fitness, Photography, Irish Blogger

I am a huge coffee fan, but I usually drink an Americano or a regular black coffee. There can however be a lot of hidden calories in coffee, especially flavoured and / or creamy versions.

1 Starbucks Frappuccino contains approx 173 cals and 37.5g of sugar

1 Latte with whole milk contains 110 cals, 8g of sugar and 5.5g of fat.

Swap the calorific options for a plain and simple option such as an Americano or even a Skinny Late – also opt for Soya or skimmed milk.


Weightloss, Food, Diet, Fitness, Photography, Irish Blogger

Yogurts are largely portrayed as healthy snacks, but a lot of them have hidden calories, fat and sugar levels. Don’t get me wrong there are some great options that are really filling and ideal for keeping you full and on track. It’s just a case of deciphering between the two!

1 Yogurt with fruit flavouring at the bottom can have up to 29g of sugar. Yes some of this comes from natural sugars (approx 12g) but the rest is added sugar which is the bad stuff!

Swap for greek yogurt such as Fage and add honey and / or a handul of fresh fruit instead.

Smoothies & Juices 

Weightloss, Food, Diet, Fitness, Photography, Irish Blogger

This is similar to the yogurt point, some smoothies and juices are healthy and some are full of sugar so be sure to check out the nutritional labels first!

Swap pre-packed versions for home made options, at least that way you know what you are putting in!


Weightloss, Food, Diet, Fitness, Photography, Irish Blogger

I think we all know that some cereals contain high sugar and in some cases salt levels. I personally think if you are opting for cereal, then bring it back to basics. A lot of new cereal offerings that contain enticing flavours are the ones that generally have the hidden calories.

Swap ‘Fruit & Yogurt’ or the frosting flavoured breakfast cereals for Weetabix and Bran Flakes.

Weightloss, Food, Diet, Fitness, Photography, Irish BloggerI’m not saying that all these things need to be cut out, I know I eat all of the above from time to time. It’s more a case of recognising that they are treats. Eating and drinking options similar to the above and combining these with our actual treats, is going to have a negative impact. I have learned over the years to recognise what is classified as a treat even if I once believed it to be healthy.

I’m  not a big calorie counter but it is useful to know what it is we are eating! I hope this post was helpful for anyone else who is trying to eat healthily too ❤

All My Love

Z x


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2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Secret Snacker: Avoid the Hidden Calories

    • I know Stephanie and it’s so easily to up the calorie intake on little things we don’t even realise sometimes. Always better to have a real treat and enjoy it than lose calories on something else! ❤ xx

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