The 10 Commandments of Style

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Hello Beautiful People ❤

While I am an avid fashion lover, I have had my not so stylish moments, more than I care to mention actually. We all have those dodgy, less than fabulous teenage years, for me namely the late 90s and early 00s. While the 90s has made a comeback, I think it’s safe to say it’s much more stylish this time around. For me anyway! I was that kid who didn’t embrace any of that effortless, retro style, instead opting for the multi coloured fur, neon mesh and of course leopard print in abundance. The latter still making an appearance in my wardrobe from time to time.

Once a leopard print lover, always a leopard print lover…

I think as we mature, so too does our style. We can’t have the good looks without the ugly ones. It’s all a learning curve! There are now a few fashion rules, Style Commandments if you will, that I tend to stick to when shopping and choosing my outfits.

Fashion, Black, Heels, YSL, Bag, Inspiration, Photography

The 10 Commandments of Style

  1. Dressing for your shape will outdo any trend.
  2. White boots are not allowed.
  3. Less is not more.
  4. Shoes are equally as important as clothes.
  5. Leather & White should never be too tight.
  6. The correct underwear will make more difference than you think.
  7. Tights and peep toes are no no’s – see what I did there.
  8. Quality over quantity – Invest in key pieces that will last you through the years.
  9. Black is always a good idea! Yes I’m a tad bias as a self confessed lover of black, but it is true.
  10. Confidence is essential – don’t ever let anyone knock off that style crown of yours!

If I was cooler, I would have put ‘work it’ or something equally as diva – ish on that last comment. I am however not. The crown was a push for me if I’m honest. None the less, it is a key point. Wear what you want and wear it with a smile and confidence!

Fashion, Black, Heels, YSL, Bag, Inspiration, Photography

I could have written much more than 10 points on the above, however the title may have suffered slightly. At the end of the day we all have different style and we should embrace it instead of trying to stick to lists and lists of ‘rules’ – though in saying that the ones above are correct. Always.

No matter what my Diet & Fitness has been like, Accessories are always fun to shop for – they’re never too tight! 

All My Love 

Z x

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