Confessions of a Secret Snacker: Tiredness Cravings & Natural Boosts

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Hello Beautiful People ❤

I hope you’ve had a lovely day? It’s a new week, so new beginnings all around!

I’m on my third week of healthy eating, usually I’m off the wagon by now, but I am allowing myself treats and cheat meals here and there which seems to be working. I usually feel guilty when if I take an impromptu day off from the diet, but last week I just didn’t give myself too much of a hard time. On Wednesday for example I was so tired and just drained so I did decide to put my feet up, have a cuppa and some Galaxy Salted Caramel. Sometimes we just need an off day…

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In saying that, I didn’t workout much this week due to tiredness and the feeling of an incoming throat infection. I do plan on doing more this coming week and I tried not to be too hard on myself. What is the point? We all need off days!

My weekend was a tad ‘picky’ though. I didn’t feel like real food, I just wanted jellies and sugar. This is mainly due to the tiredness though. Monday however is a fresh start and so I am back to eating healthy once again.

My Saturday Snapchat

Diet, Photography, Motivation, Inspiration, Weigh Loss, Food

Last week I was suffering with Migraines, the fore mentioned sore throat and mouth ulcers and yes I did use these as excuses not to work out and allow myself some comfort food. This week however I want to tackle these fitness and diet excuses with natural boosts.

I have started taking multivitamins. I used to be great for this but have let it slide recently. I have very low blood pressure and iron levels, so I need to ensure I supplement my own deficiencies with natural remedies.

Diet, Photography, Motivation, Inspiration, Weigh Loss, Food

I have also vowed that I will get more shut eye this coming week. I usually survive off very little sleep, but I feel it is starting to catch up on me.

Positivity, Motivation, Inspiration, Photography, Meditation, LIfestyle

I also need to get back to drinking more green tea and less coffee, it’s just habit to reach for the Americano for a quick fix. So I have my green tea ready for the week ahead and I’m hoping it gives me some energy.

How did you all get on? Back to business today? Don’t forget to send me your snaps, anyone who follows me (@daydreamerchic) will have seen me reaching for the sugar over the last few days, but this week I promise I will be back to the healthy stuff! ❤

Have a great week everyone!

All My Love

Z x

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