Confessions of a Secret Snacker: What a Difference a Week Makes

Hello Beautiful People ❤

How has your week been? I am so tired as I type this, it has been a long week, but a great one at that. Last Sunday when I was writing my Confessions of Secret Snacker post, I was in a completely different place. I was feeling self conscious, lethargic and fragile. Now while the fragility came from one too many double vodkas the night before, the rest was all down to my diet – or lack there of.

While I feel like every Monday, I have been proclaiming how I am ‘changing my ways and eating healthy’ and how I’m going to lose weight and tone up, etc etc etc – last Monday I actually did. I genuinely was tired of feeling bad about myself. I love my food and I love to go out, but at what cost? I definitely needed some balance injected back into my life.

So This Week…

  • I ate protein with every meal
  • No fizzy drinks
  • No alcohol
  • Only Wholemeal carbs
  • Green Tea every day
  • 3 workouts a week

FullSizeRender (100)

I had a cheat night on Friday and a little bit on Saturday (ssssh!) but again I can’t stress enough that I cannot eat 100% clean at all times, it’s just not me.

How my Macros looked – they still need some work but are better than they were!

weight loss, fast weight loss, rapid weight loss, diet, fitness tips, workouts

weight loss, fast weight loss, rapid weight loss, diet, fitness tips, workouts

I can’t believe the difference in how I feel. As it has only been a week, I know I haven’t made that much progress, but I just feel a million times better. It really does affect your mindset. Does anybody else find that when they are taking care of how they eat, they put more effort into everything else? I have been looking after my hair and skin so much better this week too and I finally feel back to myself again!

My Favourite Green Tea – Gunpowder & Mango

weight loss, fast weight loss, rapid weight loss, diet, fitness tips, workouts, photography

I’m not trying to sound superficial and say that being on a diet makes you happy. It’s not even about how you look, it’s about how you feel. It’s not determined by size, it’s determined by making a conscious effort to look after yourself! I’m going to take it one week at a time and just focus on small goals.

I’ve been snapchatting my progress and some of my food for the week and I have found it makes me more aware of what I am putting into my mouth! I will continue to do so this week and also keep my Instagram updated too.

How have you guys got on this week? I’m loving the Snapchats with your progress so keep them coming ❤

All My Love

Z x

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