Confessions of a Secret Snacker: Only Fooling Myself

fitness, diet, weight loss, quick weight loss, excuses, motivation, inspiration, photographyHello Beautiful People ❤

How are you all today?

I am slightly on the fragile side after a night out with my girls. While it was great, I am paying for it now. Over the last two weeks I have been going out more than usual and this has resulted in the infamous ‘hangover diet’ occurring. For any of you who are unfamiliar with this, the diet  generally consists of fry ups, takeaways, ice- cream – anything fattening really. I find I just throw caution to the wind when I am hungover and I genuinely don’t care what I eat, once it makes me feel better. This of course is short lived as eating crap food leaves you feeling crap!


Now while I have improved my meals during the week, I am completely undoing it at the weekends. I do believe we have to be a bit more lenient and enjoy our weekends, but I’m overeating. When it comes to Monday then it’s much more difficult to eat healthily.

Diet, weight loss, fast weight loss, weight loss tips, healthy recipes, healthy eating guide, recipes, irish bloggerDiet, weight loss, fast weight loss, weight loss tips, healthy recipes, healthy eating guide, recipes, irish blogger

I have also been having ‘sneaky’ biscuits here and there during the week. I’ve been brushing it off but realistically it all adds up. I feel sluggish and unattractive all down to my diet. Considering this is something I can control, there’s no excuse not to get my diet back on track. I’m not fooling anyone but myself.

I’m not a huge fan of the weighing scales and I couldn’t actually tell you what exactly I weigh. It usually varies between 7st 10lbs and 8st. I tend to use my appearance as an indicator of my diet and fitness instead. Thankfully my jeans still fit, but as I said I just don’t feel great, particularly my stomach! I am struggling to find clothes I feel nice in and that can be frustrating – most of us have been there at some point. I feel like every week I am ‘getting back on the wagon’ but I need to do it once and for all!

So this week guys, I am determined to sort my diet out. No more picking at biscuits and chocolate, no more highly processed food and no more alcohol (for now anyway!) I am going to allow myself treats but not to the extent I was, because my ‘treats’ seem to be turning into mini binges.

I need to get back to my Bikini Body – it was far from perfect but I didn’t feel as insecure!

bikini body, weight loss, natural tan, photography, summer style

So from here on in, expect more healthy recipes, updates on Snapchat (daydreamerchic) and of course on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If anybody else  is feeling like this, send me your snaps and we can help motivate one another! ❤

I am going to enjoy the rest of my evening as I am going out for dinner, but tomorrow is D-Day. I am determined to start fresh and attack the week with a healthy and positive mindset!

All My Love

Z x

4 thoughts on “Confessions of a Secret Snacker: Only Fooling Myself

  1. Genuinely felt like I had written this. Exactly the same as me – I sometimes feel like I’m in denial with what I eat. But I’m using the new uni term as my start…with the occasional take away treat and hungover remedies of course! You look amazing btw – I am so jealous of your waist!x

    • Hi Katy – it’s so easy to brush off the small bar of chocolate and the biscuits here and there isn’t it? Unfortunately though it all adds up. You’re so right using the new term as a fresh start. It will have you in the right mindset! Of course the occasional treat is definitely necessary, we would go crazy without it! I can’t wait to start feeling healthy again. Thanks a mill, while the waist is still the same it’s the hips that aren’t haha they are getting wider by the day!!

      Good luck with your healthy eating and definitely keep me updated – I love to hear how others are getting on 🙂

      Z xxx

  2. Hi, it’s your sister here!!! I could have written that post myself. I lost a lot of weight and inches last year following a healthy eating and exercise plan. I am great in a routine bit with the kids off school it all went to pot! Feel the same as you tired, sluggish, tummy is blah! And skinny jeans defo don’t fit! Time to stop deluding myself. Back to walking, exercise and healthy eating and also laying off the alcohol.

    • Hi Dee, fair play to you for losing the weight in the 1st place. It’s so easy to lose the momentum though isn’t it? I find half the time I don’t even realise what I’m doing and the bad habits just start creeping back in. I’m the same as you, feel it in my tummy first and it can be so disheartening. HOWEVER I think admitting it and realising that we need to get back on track is the first step! So here’s to a fresh start and back to our routines, we can do it 🙂

      Best of luck with it and keep me updated on your progress 🙂

      Z xxx

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