Reduce Anxiety & Panic Attacks: 10 Tips to Help You Cope

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I know I try to keep my blog as positive as possible, however today’s post is about dealing with anxiety and panic attacks. It isn’t negative though, it’s just an issue that I and many others suffer with and so I wanted to share my tips for dealing with these feelings. It is kind of positive I suppose?


While I know everybody is different, anyone else who suffers with Anxiety and Panic Attacks will understand when I say it can take over your entire body. It’s not really something I like to talk about, I don’t think it’s a topic many people like to explore. The only reason I decided to do this post is because a lot of tips I see are actually ‘ideals’ and seem to be written by people who don’t understand the crippling effect that panic attacks can have on some people. So I wanted to share things that have and continue to actually work for me.

10 Things to Do to Reduce Anxiety & Panic Attacks

  1. Eat a Banana Before Bed – this helps you sleep better and reduces the chances of you lying in bed worrying about everything. My Mam actually told me this and said it is about keeping your potassium levels up.
  2. Clean the Space Around You – if you feel a panic attack coming on, I find cleaning and organising whatever is around you acts a great distraction. It also helps you feel like you’ve done something positive and proactive. So whether it is your desk, bedroom, kitchen or car, just do it for 5 / 10 minutes.
  3. Listen to Some Music – An upbeat, positive song can do wonders for changing your mood and train of thought. I know it is not always possible to turn up the tunes, but if you are in work or a crowded area, then go to the bathroom and stick your earphones in for a few moments.
  4. Write a List – I feel like I put this tip in everything but I do love a good list. I find if I write a list of things I need to do that day or for the week, I feel better. It’s a sense of having control of how your time will go.
  5. Keep Busy – Sitting around procrastinating can lead to over thinking. Get up and do something and you won’t have as much time on your hands to worry.
  6. Say your 2 x Tables – I mentioned this before as a friend told me about this. Saying your 2 times tables distracts your mind but is also easy enough not to frustrate you. It genuinely works guys, say it as often as you need.
  7. Talk to Someone you Trust – Whether it’s your best friend, your Mam, your brother or sister…whoever it is that will understand you. While they may not always be able to fix the issue, saying how you feel out loud can do wonders. Plus we all know the saying:Β A Problem Shared is a Problem Halved.
  8. Read – I have recently started making more time for reading again. It is an easy thing to neglect but it is great for keeping your mind active and prevents over thinking. If your not a big book worm, read a magazine, the paper, google something (just not social media) and allow yourself a bit of time reading something of interest.
  9. Think of the Good Things – I don’t like when people say ‘Just stop thinking of the bad things’ it’s not always a choice. However I do find that if you start thinking of the things you are grateful for, it can calm you down. They can be however big or small you chose. Just something to bring some light back in.
  10. Breathe – Deep breathes and that feeling of panic, hopelessness and Anxiety will pass. As bad as you might feel right now, you will start to feel better just keep breathing and know that anxiousness will start to pass as the minutes go by.

Sometimes these tips have more of an effect on different people and I think in many cases we have to chose what works well for us. The main thing to remember is that other people feel like this too, even those we would least expect to.


Everybody experiences hard times, no matter who they are!


I hope this post wasn’t too ‘preachy’ as I tend not to like posts like that. I’m not an expert as I have said, these are just some tips that have helped me along the way. If anybody else has any tips on how to deal with Anxiety and Panic Attacks then please do feel free o share them. As always I love to hear what you guys think, whether publicly or privately.

All My Love

Z x


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