Confessions of a Secret Snacker: Feeding Your Body & Mind

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Hello Beautiful People ❤

I hope you’re starting the week on a positive note?

Today’s post is going to be a little different than my usual ones. I will still do a quick run through of my food intake for this week (the good and the bad) but then I also want to touch on something else. Don’t worry it is food related 🙂

This week’s food intake has been good and bad. I did eat unhealthily last Sunday and Friday but I think my diet was healthy enough the rest of the week (except Sunday – I don’t diet on Sundays!) One thing I need to work on though is getting my Macros on point and I will focus on that a bit more this coming week.

So here’s some pictures of the healthy diet that was consumed this week:

High Protein Scrambled Eggs – made using just coconut oil in the frying pan. Mix in some mushrooms, spinach and peppers. I got this idea from the Body Coach and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to making scrambled eggs with milk again! His recipes are great, he really knows his stuff.

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My Favourite Healthy Breakfast – Protein Oats (sorry I just can’t keep saying Proats) This is made with gluten free porridge oats, vanilla protein, chia seeds, water & a drop of almond milk. I also put some agave syrup on top if I’m craving something sweet. Mandatory coffee also included.

weight loss, diet, weight loss plan, diet plan, weight loss quick, motivationIf anyone has been watching my Snapchat you will see my addiction to coffee. I really need to cut down but I’m frightened I may kill someone if I do.

My Favourite Healthy Snack – has to be these doughnut peaches. They are the nicest fruit I’ve ever eaten. They’re from Aldi – I love Aldi for healthy food shopping!

weight loss, fast weight loss, weight loss diet plan, diet, healthy weight loss, irish bloggerweight loss, diet, inspiration, motivation, irish blogger

The not so healthy: imageI also went to a lovely food market in Sandyford on Friday. My battery died so I couldn’t snapchat or take any other pictures, but lets just say we ate a lot. It was worth it though. I admire people who eat healthy on Fridays, I am already in weekend mode by lunch time and so tend to be more lenient. By lenient I mean eat whatever I want!

weight loss, diet, fast weight loss, inspiration, motivation, weight loss plan

The second point I want to touch on this week is the the idea of how we look at food. I’ve seen a lot of people over the last few weeks with extremely different attitudes towards food and it got me thinking. We go from not caring what we eat when we are younger, then we progress to this obsession with ‘eating clean’ and then I think there comes a point when we just want to enjoy good food.

Food is not the enemy!

foodie, irish blogger, weight loss, diet, motivationI know that having food as a source of comfort or including it in social events (my friends and family are all such foodies too!) may not lead to a perfectly sculpted body, but quality of life is more important. In my eyes anyway. Food is not just good for the body, it’s good for the mind.

Here’s to a Happy & Healthy Week Guys ❤

All My Love

Z x


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