Fashion & Beauty: This Week’s Favourite Finds

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Hello Beautiful People ❤

I hope you’re all having a lovely day?

This week, I’ve a few great finds to share with you all. From Hair and Beauty to some great Fashion bargains, I’ve been pretty impressed with each of them. I don’t know whether it’s because I’ve found some great items or because I can actually justify my spending habits. Lets go with both. 

Paisley Print Silk Scarf fashion blog, inspiration, motivation, irish blogger, new season

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 I am slightly scarf obsessed, mainly because I’m always cold and they make me look less like a turtle when wearing my hair up. This printed scarf is from H&M and was only €7.99! I love the colours as they will go with everything and isn’t too winter-y so can be worn straight away.

Pearl & Gold Earringsstyle blog, fashion blog, positivity, inspiration, motivation, accessories, bargain

print, irish blogger, fashion blog, classic style, eleganceI feel a tad misleading but saying ‘Fake Pearl & Gold Earrings’ just doesn’t have the same ring to it. I have recently got back into the habit of wearing earrings and needed some styles for work. The giant hoops don’t really cut it in our place. These cute little options are from Penneys and are €1.50 each. I just think they look so elegant.

Shampoo & Conditioner

beauty blog, irish blogger, haircare, life hacks, positivityMy poor hair has needed some TLC after a few too many heating and backcombing sessions. While I love trying out new hair products, I hate buying big bottles of shampoo and conditioner that I end up not liking. I have decided to buy the travel sizes (which have more in it than I thought) and test the products first. This Charles Worthington combo has left my hair so soft and shiny and has injected a bit more life back into it.

Stylish Note Book

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How nice is the inside?writer, blogger, lifestyle blog, anxiety, positivity, travel,

travel, map, beautiful, inspiration, motivation, irish blogger

This may not make everyone as happy as it made me, but I love notebooks and journals. As weird as that may sound, I love them. I got this one in Barker & Jones and I don’t even want to write in it, it’s too pretty. There are so many stylish notebooks available now from ASOS and Avoca. I actually have my eye on a Kate Spade one at the moment too but can’t justify buying any more for now.

Natural Lip Balm

natural, organic, irish, beauty blog, irish blogger, positivity

This Lip Balm from Bia Beauty is the most delicious smelling item I have ever used. Bia Beauty is an Irish brand that is completely natural and gentle on your skin. You all know how picky I am when it comes to skincare products of any kind. I love to find options that don’t have too many hidden ingredients and toxins. This brand also does not do any testing on animals, which is really important in my book too! I am trying out a few more products from the Bia Beauty range and will keep you updated.

Retro Alarm Clock

retro, vintage, homeware, interior design, inspiration, positivity, cheapI received quite a few emails asking about this little alarm clock after Tuesday’s post on my favourite Snapchatters. It’s from IKEA and I just think it looks really cool. I have such a problem when it comes to IKEA, I always buy far too much.

I have been trying out some new Beauty products over the last few weeks, which I’ve been loving. I’m thinking of doing an updated ‘What’s in My Makeup Bag’ post next week, so let me know if that’s something you’d like to read?

Have a Great Evening Guys ❤

All My Love

Z x

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