Snapchat: The Usual Suspects

snapchat, celebrities, irish blogger, posiitivity, inspirationHello Beautiful People ❤

Is anyone else slightly addicted to Snapchat?

I didn’t realise the full extent of my problem until Saturday, when I spent the majority of my day procrastinating and watching Snapchat Videos. Productive eh? In my defence I was sick, but I somehow think I may have spent my day like this regardless, it was a long week.

Seeing as I feel I am now a critically acclaimed Snapchat expert thanks to my lazy weekend, I decided to share some of my favourite snapchatters with you guys. Hopefully you too will become slightly addicted, meaning I won’t feel as guilty for the amount of time I spend watching people I don’t actually know!

We have become so time poor that Snapchat is a quick & easy way to satisfy our social media needs.

snapchat, inspiration, motivation, irish blogger, positivityMy Snapchat Favourites:

  1. Faces by Grace – anyone who uses Snapchat will have to know Grace. I feel like I know her just from watching her videos. It’s great to see an ordinary girl, showing everyday things and still making them interesting. She is definitely someone us gals can relate to. She is also a coffee addict like me, so I immediately liked her for that trait alone! Snapchat: facesbygrace23
  2. Lovely Girlie Bits – I could actually watch Karen’s Snapchat videos all day, she is hilarious. I find myself literally laughing out loud when watching her snaps which is slightly embarrassing when in public places. It’s great to see bloggers who are down to earth and don’t always take themselves too seriously. Definitely worth a follow. Snapchat: lovelygirlybits
  3. Rosemary MacCabe – Not only is she the editor of one of my favourite magazines (Stellar) she also shares my love of sarcasm. She also tends to offer some useful tips and insight into her life.This paired with her witty, sometimes dark humour combines for some seriously entertaining viewing. Snapchat: rosemarymaccabe
  4. Retro Flame – Her accent alone makes me want to watch her videos! Living in America does not taint the Kerry tone. While her surroundings might make you insanely jealous, not to mention her clothes, there is still something so normal about Ms Erika Fox that makes it hard to hate her. She also has the most fabulous hair! Snapchat: retroflame1

I think the reason I like Snapchat so much is the fact it is in real time. It’s an insight into people’s lives and their everyday routines. It’s a lot less staged than other social media platforms. We’re all guilty of only showing the best bits on Instagram,Twitter and the likes, while I do love to seek inspiration from these social networks, Snapchat is just a bit of fun. We can be as silly and unattractive as we please, it is much more relaxed.

snapchat, irish blogger, positivity, inspiration, social mediaWhether it’s just another phase or it’s here for the long haul, Snacpchat is certainly not to be taken too seriously. It’s for the ugly pictures, the funny singing and seeing what others are up to. It’s an excellent communication & connecting tool. If anyone wants to add me, my handle is above 🙂

All My Love

Z x

2 thoughts on “Snapchat: The Usual Suspects

    • I’m the very same Aishling, first thing in the morning and last thing at night – and then in between haha!
      I’ve just added you on Snapchat 🙂

      Z x

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