Confessions of a Secret Snacker: Finally Back on Track

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Hello Beautiful People ❤

I hope you are all ready to have a lovely day? Positive thoughts in the morning can go a long way.

As always, my Sunday post is an evaluation of my eating habits for the week. Since getting back on track (well trying to at least) I have had a mixture of good and bad days as we all do. So here’s a look at how this week faired.

I’m not even getting into last Sunday – it was the Bank Holiday and too many calories were consumed, I’m 24 it’s allowed, but no alcohol this week!fun, friends, night out, lifestyle blog, positivityI started the week off with a trip trip to Avoca. Some may see this as a ‘bad day’ in terms of food consumption. I however see this as a good day, spent with even better company! Does anyone else love when your friend feels like over indulging right at the same time you do? It’s like a non guilt – we don’t care – we are fabulous- kind of meal.

This picture doesn’t do the size of the cake justice – toffee cheesecake – worth every calorie

imageI find that when I have been eating moderately ok, a few little naughty snacks here and there don’t actually make me feel as bad. A biscuit or a few squares of chocolate is in fact Not the end of the world. As I stated in my Healthy Eating Guide, I am allowing myself a treat everyday – knowing this, stops me feeling guilty when I inevitably reach for something sugary. It also stops me overdoing it as I’m not technically ‘off the wagon’

cravings, lose weight, healthy eating, motivation, inspiration, irish blog

I have also been trying to eat some more salad throughout the week too. I am not a lover of the leaf. I could honestly never eat salad or vegetables again and I would be fine with that. I only eat them for the nutritional benefits. In saying that, I have found two salads that I enjoy. The 1st is from Gourmet Burger Kitchen and is the Chilli Chicken Salad – perfect if you’re looking to eat out but not be too sinful. image The 2nd I posted on my social media accounts during the week. It is the Nutty Wholefood Salad from Marks & Spencer. It is delicious. I don’t think I have ever said that about a salad before, but it really is.weightloss, healthy eating, healthy eating guide, food blog, summer, bodyI’ve also been in the kitchen back to healthy baking. If anyone missed my post yesterday, I made healthy Double Chocolate – Orange cookies. My boyfriend also had the wonderful idea of heating them and I have to say YUM. I knew I kept him around for a reason. weightloss, healthy recipe, photography, food blog

I will be back in the kitchen this week testing out some new recipes and I will keep you all updated here and via FB, Insta & Twitter as well as my trusty Snapchat (daydreamerchic) – sorry to anyone who gets bored of snaps of food and my dog!

I did have two cheat meals this week; one on Friday night and one on Saturday night. I am also off to the Zoo today so I’m unsure how healthy it will be, but I will keep you updated on Snapchat. Have a great day everyone ❤

All My Love

Z x

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